Here in this article we will describe you details about available options for best litecoin wallet 2018 or LTC wallet in the market with low transaction fees so let’s get started. The most impressive quality of litecoin is that it always remained in top 5 compared to many others which came in top 10 stayed for few days and then disappeared. Despite of the ICO of many currencies in past 1 year, LTC has managed to grow more than 2000% in past 6 months. From this we can conclude that the potential of Litecoin is very high and in future also, predictions says, it will rise.

Best Litecoin Wallets 2018:

As we saw LTC which is a very safe and growing crypto which gives very impressive returns, there are millions of people who are buying LTC from various exchanges. Hence it is very much important to safeguard their Litecoin tokens from the miners and hackers which steals the purchased coins from the loopholes and so we use wallets to store these cryptos in these wallets.

There are many wallets that are available in the market and of various kinds. There are hardware wallets, web wallets, paper wallets, and desktop wallets which are offing the storing facilities with security and password protection services. But the most difficult task is to select the best or right wallet to store your Litecoin. So only we have come up with best Litecoin Wallets that are easily available in the market which will be giving all the facilities which an ideal crypto wallet has to give.

List of best Litecoin Wallets available in the Market:

Ledger Nano S – Hardware Wallet

First wallet in our list is Ledger Nano S which is a Hardware wallet by nature. This is a very nice option when it comes to store your LTC and carry it with you. It looks like a pen drive and doesn’t allow any private key whereas works offline. This device has an OLED screen which displays details, a backup seed key and feature of pin code. This helps in restoring the funds if the hardware starts malfunctioning.

The wallet is to be connected to the PC on when use and the seekers can purchase it from internet and they have various colour options also in case if they are looking for. We advise to use Ledger Nano S which costs $65 USD and it also supports number of cryptos along with LTC.

Trezor – Hardware Wallet

The birth of Trezor took place with the rise of Bitcoin’s safety. SatoshiLabs, a Czech Republic company manufactured Trezor and it became world’s first hardware wallet before any other. This wallet allows many cryptocurrencies to store and comes with a small display. This small display is OLED that shows a random 9 digit PIN Code and 24 word recovery seed to make the stored funds secure and work in offline environment.

There is very less difference in between Ledger Nano S and Trezor, thought they almost work similar, some technical differences are there. Trezor is also available in the market at a cost of $99 USD. And it comes in 3 colour variants i.e. White, Grey and Black.

LoafWallet – Mobile Wallet

There are investors worried of wallets to trust or not. Hence, Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin has introduced LoafWallet. This wallet is been maintained by a group of volunteers Litecoin Association who wants to promote LTC. Loafwallet is an open source HD wallet protected by 12 word backup seed key.

The wallet also has an in build feature that allows the wallet users to buy LTC via Coinbase and store in the wallet. At present this mobile wallet is only available to the Apple phone users. There is no application for the android users. To the apple users, it is available for free from App store.

Jaxx Wallet – Mobile and Desktop Wallet

Jaxx wallet is a multi-crypto wallet which stores many currencies. Jaxx wallet supports 13 cryptocurrencies including Litecoin (LTC) and gives a security with a 12 word backup seed key feature. You can also export or import the private keys as and when required.

Jaxx has a very good and friendly User Interface which is very easy to understand and so users likes it a lot. Here you can exchange the cryptocurrencies from one to another. However Jaxx also works only on iOS only, android users can’t use Jaxx as there is no compatible app.

It also works on Chrome and Firefox extensions, on MAC and Linux desktops.

Litecoin Core – Desktop Wallet

Next wallet in the list is Litecoin Core, those who are looking for official wallet and has no trust on any other wallet, Litecoin Core is the best option. This is the official Litecoin wallet available from the Litecoin website. It is a desktop wallet which is available for totally free.

This means as you start this wallet your computer becomes your LTC wallet and private key stored in the same desktop. Still in this, there is only 1 lacking point that is the core wallet syncs with entire Blockchain and so it could take significant amount of time to set up, may be few days also.

It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Electrum LTC Wallet – Desktop Wallet

This wallet, Electreum LTC is a kind of little different wallet. Most of the features of this wallet are same as others like 12 word security seed key as safety. It is light weight Litecoin Desktop wallet and needs not to sync with the whole Blockchain and doesn’t take time.

As said, it is little different because it is SegWit enabled, this feature helps in freezing the transaction of funds for some time period and we no more are able to send funds from that address for temporary. This works as an extra security feature to safeguard out funds.

Exodus Wallet – Desktop Wallet

If you want a nice and clean user interface and a wallet that allows to store multi-currency then Exodus wallet is the perfect choice. Exodus allows 8 currencies along with Litecoin crypto with a wonderful user interface. The impressive thing is they haven’t compromised with security level for the sake of UI which others does. Exodus has 1 click recovery system restoring the wallet by 12 word recovery phase.

It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Liteaddress Wallet – Paper Wallet

This is the last wallet standing in our list. Liteaddress Wallet is a paper wallet which is made with the combination of public and private keys. You can go to if you want to have a paper wallet. This kind of wallet is the cheapest and most safe way to hold your LTC in the paper form.

There is only one problem with such wallets, these papers are to be taken due care and if you lost the paper then there is no other way to recover the funds. Even we advise you not to hand this papers to anyone otherwise you may lose the funds permanently.


According to us these are the best wallets we advise you for storing your Litecoin (LTC) in private wallets to keep your funds safe and secure. Stay tuned to us for more news and info. related to cryptocurrencies.


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