“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

  • Life is beauty, admire it.
  • Life is a dream, realize it.
  • Life is a challenge, meet it.
  • Life is a duty, complete it.
  • Life is a game, play it.
  • Life is a promise, fulfill it.
  • Life is sorrow, overcome it.
  • Life is a song, sing it.
  • Life is a struggle, accept it.
  • Life is a tragedy, confront it.
  • Life is an adventure, dare it.
  • Life is luck, make it.
  • Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
  • Life is life, fight for it.”     -Mother Teresa


The style with which we live our life is considered  as our  LIFESTYLE. In general  it is our perception, attitude, or point of view towards life which is perceived by others as our style. Our way of living is our style and it is considered as a lifestyle. There are nearly 7 Billion people living on this earth & each one has unique lifestyle. Each one differs from another one on  lifestyle parameters.

Like above mention quotes from Mother Teresa there are thousands of style by which one can live his/her life. Best part about it you can choose your own style and that style becomes your identity.

1. Life is an opportunity, benefit from itgift of God or curse of God ?    Choose to consider your life as a gift of God or curse of God is absolutely upon you, the choice you make becomes your style statement of living life. If you consider it as a opportunity, every moment of your life becomes jovial, cheerful  destination of long journey & it simply reflects in your personality. Every adversity comes with hidden benefits.

2. Life is beauty, admire it- beauty or ugly?      If you consider to choose it as a beauty, everywhere you will find joy, happiness & will not forget to be thankful to almighty for providing this wonderful  experience to enjoy it. Every dull moments of life will provide you opportunity to find some beauty out of it.

3. Life is a dream, realize it- dream or nightmare ?      If you consider to choose it as a dream every awakening moment becomes worthwhile for you. Every step, no matter how tiny towards realization of that dream fill up  your heart with joy & enthusiasm.

4. Life is a challenge, meet it- does it make you or break you ?     If you consider to choose it as a opportunity to overcome obstacles, every stepping stone in journey becomes milestone for you. Every failure, every setback push you for more vigorous & systemic effort.

5. Life is duty, complete it- Willingly or Unwillingly ?   Agreed it is your duty but  you have choice to perform it willingly or unwillingly. If you choose to perform it willingly, your every action will clearly express your attitude involved in it and at the end of the day that same attitude will help you to perform any difficult task associated with your duty.

6. Life is a game, play it- Like it or loathe it?    Indeed it is a game but whether you like it or loathe it makes big difference. If you choose to like it, every mistakes & every missed opportunities will  compel you to play extra  better, practice extra harder, do extra homework & that extra will put you on the path of victory.

7. Life is a promise, fulfill it- agree or disagree?    If you agree to fulfill this promise, responsibility, accountability will become second nature to you. Morality & ethical guideline will guide your decision. Why? Because you have choose to agree to fulfill that promise.

8. Life is sorrow, overcome it-  yes or no?   If you choose it as a yes, half of the battle won, because now you have identified the problem so solution of the problem can become your focus. Every moment of grief,pain,trouble & sorrow will teach you new methods, tools & techniques to overcome it.

9. Life is a song, Sing it- With rhythm or without rhythm?    If you choose to sing it with rhythm,lyrics,proper composition your song will not only feel your heart with joy but all the listeners  will also feel the same vibe. It is your singer like style towards life will make you more vibrant more dynamic.

10. Life is a struggle, accept it- consciously or unconsciously ?  Yes, it is a struggle but if you choose it consciously, you will not hesitate to accept it. It is that consciousness will help you during the turbulence times, When every bone of your body screams for quitting that conscious acceptance will differentiate you from others. And that style of your will put you in the category of warriors.

11. Life is a tragedy, confront it-With tears or without tears?   Agreed it is tragedy no one can escape from it but how to confront it is completely your own look out. To choose to confront it without tears in eyes said lot about your style of living life. Temperament,control over the emotion, realistic approach to deal with situation are some of the qualities you have acquired in this process & it is worth.

12. Life is an adventure, dare it- threatened  or thrilled ?   If you choose to thrilled with it, the adventure will  be turned out as a one of the most memorable experience, ever y move,every step, every proceeding towards that adventure will  high adrenaline  rush activity for you & worth to enjoy it. It is your this lifestyle will help you to explore newer,untapped,virgin territory.

13. Life is a luck, make it- Prepared or unprepared?   It is said that prepared mind recognized obstacle as a opportunity(many consider it as a luck but actually it is prepared mind). If you prepare to put your mind in that mode every now & then opportunity knocks, which opens the unknown world of luck. Your that style will be considered as lucky person for others but you are well aware about the harsh realities of that luck.

14. Life is  too precious, do not destroy it-I will, I will not !   Yes, indeed each life is precious in larger scheme of life, but to construct or destruct it is absolutely on the owner’ hand. Depending upon your own decision or choice, you will value it,you will understand importance of it. Your each action will manifest your intention, so choose it wisely.

15. Life is life, fight for it- Would you or wouldn’t you ?   If you would choose to fight for it, I bet you will not regret your decision for a single moment. Each fight will uplift your spirit, will enhance your skill, will empower you towards more tough battle. Each victory,each defeat will  provide you some valuable feedback,which will prepare you to fought next battle with more wisdom.

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