Cisco Packet Tracer Download: Cisco Packet Tracer is a network simulator program which is going to help you stimulate different network device which are used in CCNA lab. Most of the devices of Cisco are quite costly and hence the Packet Tracer stimulates all the necessary equipments making it easy to see to the required components before actually going ahead and getting one.  With the help of Cisco Packet Tracer one can easily learn to configure routers, switches, and other networking components from command line.

The Packet Tracer software from Cisco is one of the best software available to learn networking, as here the instructor can see to the different problems, and even create different assignments for the students so that they can get to different difficulties usually one gets through in creating a network. There are different versions of Cisco Packet Tracer and a practice lab created in earlier version might not be compatible with the later version of cisco and same goes for the previous versions too, hence you need to get the same version as your instructor is using.

Before downloading the Packet Tracer do have a look at the minimum system requirements that are there in order to use Cisco Packet Tracer on your PC easily and without any lag or any other issue.

Minimum System Requirement to Install Cisco Packet Tracer

Requirements Minimum Recommended
CPU Intel Pentium 4 Intel Pentium 3.0 GHz or better
OS Windows 7, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Windows 8 or 10, Ubuntu 16.04 or Latest version
Storage 500 MB 1 GB
Display 1024 x 768px 1920 x 1080px

You can download all the different versions of Cisco Packet Tracer from their official website. There you will be getting all the different versions with different variants based on the operating system and different architecture bits. Let us go through the different steps where you can easily get the Cisco Packet Tracer on your personal computer without much of the hazel.

Head to the following this LINK: Here you will get an option to enroll in order to download packet tracer.

Once you click on the button, you will get a form which you have to fill in order to enrol and once you are done you will get the link to download the packet tracer on your computer.

As you complete the registration of Networking Academy the Packet tracer will be available to download without any much of hazel with the direct link.

Once the download is finished you will have to open the setup with administrator rights.

The setup will be present in a RAR file unzip the same or double click on the setup.

As the setup opens you are required to accept the terms and conditions of the Cisco Networking Academy.

You can select the directory where you are comfortable to install the required files of the Cisco Packet Tracer.

Now select the start menu folder where you wish to install the same

Click on the Install button and wait for the installation to finish.

As the installation finish you will get an option to click on the Close button, once done you will be able to use the Cisco Packet Tracer without any issue.

These are the steps to install Cisco Packet Tracer on your computer with ease. The steps here are given for Windows users, if you are using Ubuntu the steps will be a bit different but the majority of them will be on the same lines. Do let us know if you encounter any issue installing Cisco Packet Tracer on your computer in the comment section below.


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