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Many of us feel that, our success of entire day is largely depends upon the morning. Because it is morning, which really sets the  tempo of our entire day. Many of us might have experienced that beginning first two to three hours of the day, I mean morning hours, plays very much vital role through out the day. If you have really good,cheerful,jovial morning, through out the day you feel same, and If you have really bad,gloomy morning, through out the day you feel tired,depressed.

So don’t you think that, we should pay maximum attention towards making our morning more meaningful, more  productive & less gloomy?

Yes, when large part of  our day at a stake, we must do something in this regard. So, dear friends here I am giving you some simple tools & techniques to make most of your morning. First of all, let me clarify that, this is not final list,one can add or remove activities depending upon his/her priority, mind pattern, schedule and other circumstances, this is absolutely general list.

1. Good night sleep

Good night sleep

To make  your morning most productive, you need to cultivate some good habits. First of them is get adequate sleep. Over the years through various findings it has been proved that human body needs at least eight hours sound,uninterrupted sleep. So, If you sleep deprived your morning will be gloomy. If you are late boomers now onward ‘early to bed early to rise’ should be your motto. I do understand that old habits die hard but for making your morning more meaningful this is the first step you need to initiate. Once you start this journey, initially, there will be no result but slowly & steadily you will see the dramatic changes in your morning mood, because now your body gets proper, adequate & minimum essential sleep.

2. Read something good at night

reading a book night

Over the years scientist have proved that the thought which we have at a bed time mostly dominates our night. Because at night time when our conscious mind rest it is our unconscious mind works, and whatever thought we have it simply reflects in it. At night if your thoughts are mostly dominated by hate, anger, jealousy,failure, setback and many more negative feelings, invariably through out the night you will see that kind of the dreams and thinking. On the contrary, If you feed your mind with love,sympathy,kindness kind of positive thoughts your mind will reflect that too. But many of you may complain that to control the negative thoughts at night is difficult task, because throughout the day we can keep our self occupied with work,job, business and many more task but at night when we have free time and loneliness it is difficult to stop that thinking.

So, for that I suggest you some important instructions, if you follow it, chances are that you may get rid of negative thoughts.

If you have interest in reading than it is okay but if you don’t have, please cultivate the habit of reading. During bed  time start to read some self help, positive thinking,inspirational or religious books. By reading these type of books your mind gets some positive vibes and your subconscious mind also gets some positive affirmatives. And throughout the night your subconscious mind will work magnificently on this idea,and in morning you feel wonderful.

3. Pray to god

pray to god

Most of us have some or other kind of troubles in our life. Physical, Mental, Social, Financial, Spiritual, Political and many other problems dominates our life. There are some small, manageable,ordinary & other problems which are well within our reach, but there are many more vital problems which are beyond our imagination and capacity, and in these situation we feel our self completely helpless. Despite of our all sincerer efforts we are unable to solve the problems and at night it really matters. In this situation I am giving you the advice to use the powerful prayer therapy.

Even science had started to recognize the power of positive prayer.Through out the world many medical and scientist fraternity has done enough research in this area and found some tremendous results.Those who pray regularly have better health, better peace and calmness in mind and they can face the adversity with well balanced mind. So, why not use this simple,cost effective yet very efficient tool for our advantage.Prayer to God at night should be your new rule of life. It will calm down your mind, and calm mind will do lots of wonder in morning.

4.  Cultivate the habit of physical exercise in morning

physical exercise in morning

When we have good and sound night sleep, our body is completely fresh and this is the right time for to do some physical exercise. Physical exercise in any form like exercise with instruments, cycle riding,jogging, running or walking ,Yogasana or Pranayamas. Choose any of the physical exercise at least for half an hour in the early morning. Initially, it will become troublesome but slowly,steadily you will start to gain the fruits of your hard work and gradually, your mood will be uplifted. And throughout the day you feel fresh,motivated and excited.

5. Don’t read newspaper or watch T.V.  in morning

Don’t rwatch tv in morning

My advice seems somewhat unorthodox for most of you,but promise me not to pass any judgement, before, practically experiment on it.

When your mind is quiet, calm,cool in morning use this time in most productive manner. Instead of watching T.V. or newspaper- which is mostly full with crime,rape,murder,robbery story. It is better to isolate yourself from this chaos and set somewhere silently.If you have terrace use it,if you have garden use it, if you are leaving near river,pond or lake make it habit to go there in the morning.

6. Meditation makes morning more meaningful

 Meditation makes morning

In early morning when atmosphere is absolute quiet, meditate because the power of meditation is well recognized. No one can deny the huge benefits it generates, Meditation not only makes your morning more powerful, productive & meaningful but it sets the wonderful tempo of your entire day, so, please use this wonderful ancient weapons of peace and prosperity for your advantage.

These are the few techniques which you can utilize to make your morning more meaningful.Use it, Enjoy it, Experience it, and give  your valuable feedback about it.


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