How to lose the Weight in easiest ways has now a day  became the most sought after topic, every dick and herry is saying something about it, irrespective of knowledge, experience, professional degree one holds, everybody has something to say in this area, there are more misconception than conception prevailing in this area, there are more myths are available than the real ways, there are every blogger, every author, every freelance writer, every new bee in business something in this area, everybody wants the major share of the market, by proving their authority, by proving their domain in this area, there is nothing wrong in it, we are living in the free world where we are absolutely free to express our self, but every right comes with certain responsibilities, to express our self means, whatever we express in public must hold some truth in it, whatever we claim in our words, we must have some basic and fundamental knowledge of it, then and then only we must say something in this area.

And, especially, when we are dealing with the much more delicate, complicated, and most of all, very touching issue like ‘ how to lose weight in most easiest ways’ it becomes more and more obvious.


So, for the knowledge of readers, or those who are suffering from the heaviness, suffering from fatness, suffering from obesity,  here, we have given some ideas, tips, sure suggestions, for losing the weight.


So first of all it is very much useful to carry  a palm size notebook which may not c

It seems very much odd to tell, to write and most of all to read, that for losing the weight you need to carry a palm size note book? Seems strange ? Surprised?

Yes, you have every right to surprised but it is true that if you wants to reduce or lose your weight then first of all cultivate the habit of carry a palm size note book where  ever you go and note down, write down every single morsel that enters your lips and even water too. Because, once you have detailed information available then only you can do the corrective course of the action.


Walking is most useful, easy to implement and very handy exercise for all living person on this planet, but for those of you, who are very much interested to lose the weight, this is one of the most helpful exercise or tips for reducing the weight.

Cultivate the habit of Walking initially, later on when once you are on track, increase the amount of time, the amount of speed of waking and the more you do in this area the more better for you, so, if you are person who is suffering from the fatness, start to walk as early as possible.


This suggestion may seems very strange, very surprising but it is true, there are many studies on the subject found that when you put the mirror in front of your seat, or eating in front of mirrors will dramatically slashed the amount of the food you consumed.


There are the people who seek company or support group of the people to whom they can interact on daily basis or more or less face-to-face basis, and there is nothing wrong in it, it is common tendency among all of us, to find out some companion with whom we can work out, but, especially, when you are heading towards the goal of losing your weight, keep in mind that your online buddy is much more helpful to you in long run and it is not an assumption or simple guessing but it is proven fact with scientific methods, so, for losing your extra weight find out some online friend and start the program with them.

5. Eat 90 percent of your meals at home. 

Where you eat most is also one of the factors which badly affect your weight loss program, because, once you eat outside the home, it is very much possible that you may eat more than your appetite, if you at restaurants, dining hall, lodge, hotel or banquet halls where spicy, tasteful, delicious foods are served which is prepared by professionally trained cooks and chefs, so, due to the taste it offers, you may always end up with more than what you intended, so, it is best for you to avoid all the outside attraction and start to eat as much  as possible at your own home, than the restaurant or hotel or dining hall, though, many a times you may not get that taste of restaurant of lodge or hotel but for your goal of losing the weight it is much more preferable.


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