Things To Do Before You Die – 27 Best Bucket List Ideas For All is a compilation of most unique, inexpensive and very effective ideas for all. Fulfilling any of these can make your life much more worthwhile and enjoyable. Have a enjoyable reading.

General perception of ‘BUCKET LIST’

A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

But, now a days, it has become tradition or fashion to prepare bucket list. One of the most common misconception associated with the ‘BUCKET LIST’-it is the list of impossible things which you are never going to achieve or fulfill before you die or while living.

Why we prepares such a silly, stupid, non useful and meaningless bucket list??

In fact, instead of it, can’t we prepare a bucket list which consist small but very significant and most solid things, which give us joy to fulfill, which make us better person and most important which cannot spend our trunks of money to pursue it.

Keeping all above FACTS AND FACTORS in mind here we have prepared the list of the items which can be used by all in their bucket list, and if you achieve or fulfill any item of these ‘bucket list’ happiness and joy is sure reward.

a woman is praying to god with hope

So, have a 27 BEST BUCKET LIST IDEAS FOR ALL and try to Do Before You Die OR while living.


I’m not perfect and I don’t try to be perfect. I accept myself just in the way I am and I respect myself because I’m perfectly imperfect.– Unknown quotes

In the bucket list, first of all, my wish is that I should start to accept myself for who I am

It might seem very much strange for many, that, this is the first item in bucket list but it is reasonable and very much appropriate.

If you ask thousands of people and if they answered honestly, half of them are not comfortable with themselves, forget about others with whom they are associated or dealing on daily basis.

Why we don’t accept ourselves? The simple reason may be, we have started to live in virtual world and we are constantly judging ourselves by the comments and remarks made by others about us.

So, first and most important, let me start to love myself unconditionally and unselfishly and it should be the first item of bucket list.


Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster.– Weston H Agor

As a human being we are worst critics of our self. For our every single mistake, no matter how small or stupid it seems, we never forget to punish our self badly either in the form of self pity or negative remarks.

There is nothing wrong in it, if we break this life long tradition and allow our self to make mistakes.

No doubt, from each mistake we must learn something and try not to repeat the same mistake again and again.

So, according to me it is also one of the items of wish list or bucket list.


Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.  Richard Whately

Have you ever seen rising sun? Have you ever gone out for walk in the chilly morning of winter? Have you ever heard songs of the birds in the early morning? Have you ever seen the small, plain white gem like drops of water on the green leaves of tree in the morning?

If answer of any of these is No than certainly you are missing some of the best moments of life.

Rising early can create magic moments in life, so why don’t we keep it in our bucket list?

Believe me, experiment it once and you will never regret your decision.


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