How To Improve Your Communication Skills is must read for all. Generally, it is found that many problems occurs in relationship due to lack of effective communication. Here we have mention some suggestions to improve it.

Throughout our life we communicate with people, sometimes for meaningful matter and sometimes for meaningless matters, sometimes for trivial issues sometimes the issues which are quite near and dear to our heart. Communication is very much essential part of our life. Communication is integral part of our life, we cannot imagine our life without communicating with others. Our

communication skill plays vital role in our success or failures. Generally, it is found those who communicate with others with ease, smoothly and without making any confusion and chaos are more likeable peoples, with their tremendous amount of skill they can convey any complicated matter to almost all.

Generally, very narrow perception regarding communication is prevailing. Most of the people consider communication as a verbal discussion or verbal talking among people.

But, communication is far more wide subject than this, no doubt verbal talk or verbal discussion is considered as the major medium of communication but apart from this communication further extended up to reading, writing and listening. Effective communication compass all of this and blends all this in such a smooth manner by which communicator get the maximum result and serve his/her purpose by addressing the right audience at a right time.


For those who are interested in this subject here we have mention few tried and tested, some useful, some very effective but simple tips, ideas and suggestions to improve the communication skills. Depending upon your circumstances and situations you can use or implement it, by your own way.


First and most important quality of any communication is clarity it offers. Because, major reason for any kind of confusion in discussion, talk, verbal message etc. is instead of clarity it creates confusion among their recipients. Recipient becomes quite clueless and confused after receiving such a message, not only that, if the same confused recipient send message to someone else it creates more confusion among all of them.

So, the basic principle or ground rule of effective communication is, it must be quite clear, whatever the message it intend to give to it readers or recipients, it must be in a absolutely crystal clear manner.

Recipients must be in a position to understand the meaning of it.


Once you know the message or say the center point or theme of your message, next question comes how you communicate this message to your target audience. Your target audience may consist of various people. They may be of different age group, they may be of different gender, they may be of different class, community and culture etc.

Depending upon the nature of your audience determine your level of language, determine your selection of words.

Because, if you are or intend to communicate with children, your level of language or selection of word should be appropriate to them, so they can easily understand the meaning of it.


Despite of following above mention steps chances are that the message convey by you have not reach up to the audience as per your expectations or wish. Chances are that you might wanted to convey something and audience understood altogether another matter.

So, for avoiding above mention confusion it is preferable to ask the questions to audience, by asking related question you can easily understood the grasping of matter by audience, and if found any error in it, helps you to understand, where exactly attention is needed.


Communication is two way process, sometime of the discussion you are communicator and other time of the discussion you are listener. Depending upon the fence of side you need to play effective and efficient role, when you are communicator or the person who speaks, you must convey your message in most precise yet very easy to understand kind of manner. But when you are other side of fence you need to be ready to play the role of good listener too.

Being a good listener you should provide ease and comfort to opposite person to express their ideas in most liberal and natural manner. Instead of stopping or verbal attacking in mid of the discussion, you should first of all, listen everything carefully and once after thoroughly understanding the meaning of it, interfere in the matter.


Like verbal communication non verbal communication also plays vital role in the process of effective communication.

Facial expression, body language, gestures and postures, eye contact, body movement are some of the form of non verbal communication.

Verbal communication is open way to communicate but with the help of non verbal communication and various signs of it, the motive or objective behind the verbal communication can be easily justified.

With help and usage of both of these mode of communication, message can be easily given to all the concern person.

Usage and clear cut understanding of various signs of non verbal communication in discussion, debate, talk or in interview maximize the chances of successful communication.

By implementing this strategy, you gives complete opportunity to others to express their ideas and not only that you gain certain amount of trust and respect, which foster relationship.


Another significant reason for failure of conversation or confusion, chaos or misunderstanding in communication is multiple communication at a single time. Many a times it happens with us, and many a times we to do the same with others.

While having face to face discussion with others, many a times, we start to talk on our phone, chatting with others on our smart phone, laptop or tablets. So, this multiple link of communication with multiple people restrict us to pay the required attention on one single communication, and due to loss of the appropriate attention from our part, many a times, we miss the important part of the conversation and later on it creates lots of chaos and confusion among concern person.

So, it becomes very much essential for effective communication to pay the required attention on one single communication at a time.


To being judgmental in communication entirely kills the purpose of effective communication, because, effective communication takes place when the person in nonjudgmental, by being a judgmental simply emotionally and personal matters start to take the centre stage of the communication.

When centre stage of communication is based on the judgmental ground, chances are there it may convert in hot debate, angry discussion and unavoidable chaos and confusion, and at the end of the day, it becomes wastage of time for all the concern person.

So, avoidance of being judgmental is one of the major condition of effective communication.


Though, there are some preferable guideline for creating a effective communication but still these are not the confirm rules or regulations or must follow kind of advice, depending upon the various situations and circumstances it differ from person to person.

The best and effective communication is that where all the concern person understood the message properly.   

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