How To improve Productivity is most sought after topic for current generation, no matter how hard we work, no matter how much sophisticated system we develop still we lack the productivity. Find tips for improving productivity.

 We are living in a very strange world, our world is full with various contrast, endless contrast we find in our daily living and more and more confusion added on daily basis.

Some of them are avoidable and many of them are unavoidable contrast, which dominates us throughout our life.

Just take example of the current scenario our life, in compare of past, day after day our life becomes more and more comfortable, more and more sophisticated with the help of various technologies available to you, each day new innovation in technological field improvise the life, and life becomes more and more trouble free.

But despite of all the available technological advances one more contrast we experienced in our life is that due to it life is becoming more and more easier but at the same time our productivity is decreasing.

Generally as a rule with the help of all available resources productive should be improvise but unfortunately it is decreasing, so, what are the reasons behind it and how to improve the productivity is the theme of current topic.

For those who are interested in subject here we have mention few tried and tested, few used, few unused, few innovative and few commonly used tips. By referring and reading it find out the area where you need improvement.

Improve Productivity


Having a goal is one of the major factor for improving productivity. Crystal clear goal, without having any ambiguity and step wise direction can enhance productivity up to the great extent. Because having a goal works best for you in two most logical manner. First, by having a goal, you have direction, so, you are not directionless and this single most factor helps you to prioritize the most important things and matter you need to do, so, simply whatever you are doing in this direction helps you to go ahead in your direction and at last it lead you towards your defined destination. Second, by having a goal, it helps you to minimize the unwanted, unnecessary, least important, insignificant activities from your schedule, and it automatically, helps you to concentrate more on your goal, and that way your most precious time spends on the things which matters you most and ultimately it improvise your productivity.


To have a goal in itself does not serve the purpose or improvise your productivity. Goals are just the destinations where you want to reach after some specified time but in itself it is not sufficient. Goals are needed effective execution, implementation of strategy, without that goals are nothing more than plain paper work or say distance dream.

So, for improving productivity monitoring of the activities are priority based condition, monitoring of all the activities are great tool of improving the productivity because it clearly gives you the checklist of the activities you are currently doing and ensures that all the activities you are doing or intend to do must be in align with your major goal, and loopholes or misconduct in these area can be detected early with the help of proper monitoring system and ultimately it helps to increase the productivity.


Once you have clear cut goal, you know where you want to go, when you want to go means goals are the ultimate destinations where you want to reach at some particular point of time. Monitoring your activities helps you reach at that goal with some certain ways and means, means it avoids all the unnecessary activities which consumes your time or minimize the useless activities so all your precious  time can be spend towards your major goals.

But what about the distractions comes in the way? While monitoring the activities one major matter comes in the notice, is that, despite of your sincere efforts there are thousands of useless activities taking your time, demanding your attention on that direction?

What about it?

Simple, nothing specific, just stuck the goal. Simply, just by doing it, you can save your most precious time for the activities which need your attention most. In any given circumstances no matter how hard it seems but try to stuck to your goal, and revolve your all the activities around that goal. By doing it, you can improvise your productivities up to the great extent.


One of the major constrain for achieving a productivity is a  person’s desire to do all the task by him or herself. There is nothing wrong in it, to do all the task. But it has its own pros and cons. No doubt, there are many advantages or benefits of doing your own task, certainly it helps you to understand each and every area of your work which gives you complete picture or the entire task, it helps you to understand the entire cycle of work, it helps you to complete control of your task no more you are dependent on someone else.

But it has some certain disadvantage too. First, slowly and steadily you start to be perfectionist, up to an extent it is fine but later on your that drive of being perfectionist compel you too pay some time on non essential or insignificant or least important kind of the things. Second, many areas of your work are not your core strength so, for gaining a skill on that area you have to invest huge amount of time in it and despite of all the efforts and wastage of energy still you may lack the craftsmanship of the work which can be easily achieved by someone else.

So, for improving productivity delegation of task is also one of the major requirement. Simply, by delegating all the non essential, useless, or insignificant task to someone you can increase your productivity up to the great extent. So, despite of doing hard work throughout the day, still you feel that you are lacking the time, still you feel that your day should be much more longer than 24 hours, still you feel that there are always thousands of unattended task lying on your table. It is high time to set your priorities more clear and in more precise manner, by evaluating each task, find out the task or the areas of your work, which you feel non important in your overall goal and despite of it useless still it takes huge chunk of your time, it is high time to delegate this task to someone else, who can do it more better than you, with less amount of time and expense.

Simply by delegating all non essential or useless task to someone else you can increase your productivity up to great extent.


If you are perfectionist than to delegate non essential or useless or unimportant or least attention needed task to someone would be somewhat difficult for you and somehow you manage to do it another problem may occur. Micromanagement is the name of another problem which addicted to many perfectionist. Despite of delegating the task to most suitable or competent person still these breed of people, I mean, perfectionist, never completely gives freedom or liberty to assigned person to do the job as per his/her knowledge, wisdom or skill. On paper it seems that they have given the task to someone else to do but by closely looking one can easily find that most areas of work still dominated or disturbed by the same person. By managing or trying to control micro things of the assigned task still they waste their maximum time on this trivial issues which are very much less significant in their overall goal.

So, for improving productivity avoid the micromanagement of task. And best way to do is to find out the most suitable person for the job, check his/ her credentials before assigning him/her task, once found him/her suitable give him/her complete liberty or freedom to do the task.

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