To become popular is not difficult,Here we have mention few tried & tested tips or suggestions which helps you to become popular and most lovable person.USE IT.

Throughout our life as a person we always like to love someone and be loved by someone, there is nothing wrong in it, because as a human being it is one of the basic need of life or you can say basic instinct of life to be liked by someone, loved by someone.

Many a times in our life we see many people  tries hard to be loved, tries hard to be popular.

If it is natural, original, factual or genuine process it is always pleasant and satisfying and it generates good outcome but if it is intentional, hypocritical, deceptive, artificial method to impress others and by that way becoming popular, believe me, instead of creating good, positive & natural image it creates ugly, hypocritical image of your personality so in long run it becomes more harmful & less helpful.


So, question comes how one can be popular?

[box type=”success” ]For those of you, who are interested in subject, here I have given few tips,tools,techniques,suggestion for becoming popular. Go through it and if found suitable utilize it in your routine life as per your suitability, situations & circumstances and avail the benefits of it[/box]


This is one of the most important rule to be popular, that, don’t  OR never try to be popular, because when you tries to be popular, it means all your actions, did were OR are in the line of becoming popular and many of the things you do, OR you did just for the pleasure of other people, to impress others, so it means none of your actions were coming  OR are coming from the bottom of your heart, pure, genuine, all the actions were OR are staged, pre planned and predetermined. And basic motive of all is to gain popularity OR be hero in the eyes of others.

If you are actor there is nothing wrong in it because to please others, to impress others is your prime motive and  it is part of your profession OR career, depending upon it only your popularity increases or decreases but if you are a guy from ordinary life this should not be  your style. Find your own style, Be yourself for real, don’t try to hard or never try too hard to please the people, to become popular.

Be as much natural, genuine and original as much possible, Accept yourself completely, love and like what god has given to you, utilize it in a best possible manner, develop your own unique style, never implement or adopt the ways suggested by someone or used by someone.

We all are beautiful creatures of this universe and we all have something or other thing quiet unique, yet different from others, find, out that uniqueness and use it as a your biggest strength and see the miracles it does. Believe me, not for a single moment in your life you have to be bothered about other’s parameters or criteria to judge you.

Read history book and you will amaze that all the popular people hardly tried to impress the people, they never tried to be popular but they simply stuck their own style of living life and become absolutely natural & genuine  person and people not only like them but love them for their uniqueness and thus they became more popular by conscious effort to not to become popular.


Can you imagine yourself successful  or popular by being  completely alone in this world. I know your answer would be simply no, because for being successful, for being popular, for being likeable to people you need to have people around you, and without having people around you how can entire world know that whether you are popular or unpopular?

And for having people around you, use very simple yet very solid, splendid, superb techniques, which is through the centuries used by thousands of great  and famous people and it never failed, not only that each time it generated tremendous amount of result.

The name of this simple technique is, always help others to grow, Always help others to come out from difficulties, Always be helping hand to those who are in badly need of your help, Always be ready and prepared to be supportive to someone who is completely down and out, Always try to be crying shoulder for someone who doesn’t have any shoulder.

Meaning or theme of all above mention sentence is, be helpful to others, whenever they need you. Initially, this tool will not yield any result but once your image is built up as a helping hand for needy people, believe me, it will make you much more popular not among your colleagues, friends, relatives or family members but in many cases even your enemies, your rivals, your competitors will take serious notice of your this qualities and they will appreciate it not openly but silently.

So, the basic or first  point is if you want to be popular never try to be popular by artificial ways second never ever miss the opportunity to help others and check your popularity chart which will be always progressing or moving on the higher or upper end.


In our entire life span we meet, we deal, we associates with thousands of people but out of all, we mostly remembers two types of people

  • Trouble maker or Problem creator
  • Trouble shooter or Problem solver

Now, having knowledge of this fact helps you to be the person you wants to be in your life. Depending upon the choice you made you become popular or unpopular.

Now let me ask you one very simple yet very solid question If you are given the choice to select someone as your partner to whom you select Trouble maker or Trouble shooter? Problem maker or Problem solver?

I know your answer would be Trouble shooter or Problem solver.

So these are the people who becomes popular by their nature, now, if you are really interested to be the genuinely popular, develop the image as a Trouble shooter or Problem solver. People will not like you, love you but longing for your company.


We are living in most civilized yet most professional era of human life. Our every move, action, did or activity some way or other way professionally motivated, in our most of the activities we see the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. The things or activities which not help us to financially or in any other form helpful simply doesn’t fall in our criteria or to do list.

Meaning of above mention matter is now as a human being we simply forget to love and be loved people unconditionally or unselfishly.

Now if you consider it as a threat or opportunity will help you to be a popular or unpopular.

But since you are interested to be popular consider it as a opportunity because unconditional love, unselfish love is the most sought after commodity in today’s highly competitive market. If you want to win in this cut throat competitive market, like to make mark on people’s heart, wanted to be remembered by people after your death, simply, take genuine interest in other peoples’ life not from fault finding attitude but from helping hand attitude.

Because people are dying and crying to find someone who can love him/her unconditionally without having any expectation or any professional motives, Just try to be someone like this and believe me it will not only help you to be popular but it will give you the permanent place in people’s heart.

Apart from above mention there are many other virtue which you can develop and in long run become more and more popular.

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