How to become beautiful is a open secret known by many, adopted by few. Here, in this article we have given some important and useful tips to develop external as well as internal beauty. Enjoy reading.

The topic is quiet confusing from many angles, because, first of all, we don’t know the exact definition of beauty, because, perception and definition of  beauty differs from person to person, second and  most important aspect of beauty, are we measuring the beauty from tangible or intangible angle? The tangible aspect of beauty clearly emphasizes on the physical part of the beauty like skin, height, body, complexion etc., whereas, intangible part of the beauty deals with something which is inside or intangible like tenderness, sympathy, empathy, humble, jovial, resilience power etc.

Or we should give due credit to both the aspects of the beauty?

For, avoiding above mentioned questions let me clarify that, here, we have written the article from the woman’s point of view, I mean feminine part of the beauty, Second, due credit has given to both the aspects of beauty I mean internal and external beauty. Because each part of the beauty is essential for creating a lasting longer impression.


So, first of all, External or Tangible part of the beauty


Imagine your body as a temple or place of worship, where you always goes with some purity in mind and divine feeling, no clutter,no fuss, nothing ulterior in it, just plain good feeling. If once, you start to treat your body with feeling or emotion like this the real change will start to happen, because more or less, beautiful look is conscious choice of actions which you have taken over the years.

The more you become aware, the more you become conscious to keep it pure, perfect, profound, the more tangible and intangible impact you can experience inside and outside.

The focal point is how you look at your own body? Does it a pure place like a temple where you always gift something good to the deity residing in it? Or, Is it a place like a recycle bin of your computer, where, you throw any and everything which you don’t like? So, first and single most step towards being beautiful or looking beautiful is start to treat it as a resting place of your soul.


First secret of true beauty is healthy body, no matter, how much glowing skin you may have, no matter how much long or black hair you have, no matter how much sparkling eyes you have, no matter how much fair complexion you have, no matter how much symmetrical body you have,


If your body is not fit everything seems useless and on the contrary, if you have fit body it gives you more pleasure than above mention myth of beauty. So, priority base issue for beautiful body is it must be fit, if it is fit, fineness can be acquired but if it is fine from superficial level fitness cannot be acquired. So, before heading toward constant quest of beauty, plant this thought in mind as deep as possible. It will help you to be focused on natural and most need specific areas of looking beautiful.


Your skin is the first physical part of the body which completely expose you in front of others, shining and glowing skin certainly draws attraction and without doubt admiration. Our skin is the dress of our skelton, beneath the skin we all are almost same.


Looking beautiful is all about keeping some basic points in mind and follow it holistically or religiously. These are seems very much basic points but it goes long way. First, I do understand most of us bath regularly but in any case if it is not part of your daily routine make it. Daily shower will keep your body fresh like flower. Hair is another essential part of looking good or beautiful, so, do not ignore importance of it and take proper care of it on regular basis.


Teeth also plays vital role in your overall look, because, whenever you speak or whenever you smile that part of the body get complete exposure. Not only that strong teeth gives you liberty to eat whatever you like to eat. There is hardly any rocket science associated about how to make your teeth strong and shiny. Follow the basic rules which was taught to us by our parents and grandparents. Brush your teeth twice in a day one at a beginning of the day and another at the end of the day, that will make your teeth strong and shiny.


Depending upon your face, Like oval shape, round shape, flat shape, figure like slim, fat,  complexion, length of hair, choose appropriate hairstyle, which help you to look beautiful. Not only that, unique & innovative hairstyle helps you to create your own unique identity.


Develop your wardrobe with the clothes in which you feel most comfortable. Because, no matter, what world says but the best clothes in the world are those which gives you comforts while wearing it, no matter how much cheap or economical or unbranded it seems. Color combination, stitching, style are some of the areas should be kept in mind while developing wardrobe.

Intangible or inner part of beauty


Cool, calm & composed state of mind certainly helps you to gain the trust among your near and dear, because no one would like to surrounded with most charming or beautiful looking person with ugliest mind set, who, in smallest even situation or circumstances lose the control of mind and start to abuse people around her. So, for becoming beautiful do not ignore these area of beauty. Those it is said that our nature is that thing which we born with and dies with it, it hardly changes, but, it is half truth, with persistence, meditation and other mind techniques, mind can be trained to be cool, calm and composed in any given situation, though overnight result is not expected but sooner or later it improves.


Generally, people misunderstood spirituality as a religion or way towards the religion but both are entirely different things. Spirituality means connecting with universe or to be specific with nature in more meaningful manner. Feeling yourself as a part of something larger also expand your horizon towards spiritualism.


Gentleness and generosity are the two prime qualities which distinguish female from male, because from ages we have seen this and in each household you will find one fine example of it, it may be mother, sister, wife or daughter. So, gentleness and generosity are inner beauties with align of other external beauty creates complete picture.

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