Group texting is very phenomenal advantages when we want to convey the same message to everyone because with the usage of technology we can convey the same message to many a people at a time. But at the same time if we do not follow the proper procedure or etiquettes it can become problematic for us as well as others too.

Here, we have given few important Texting Etiquettes which are needs to be kept in mind while Using group Texting which can minimize your friends time.


  1. Starting group text conversation at night is one of the worst case situations, because at night most of the people are tired and want to enjoy their sleep or quality time with their near & dear one. So, late afternoon is one of the most ideal times for starting group text.
  2. When you want group text make it sure that your conversation should not be limited to only two people but it should be for everyone, if it goes for one-to-one conversation stop it and instead of it, turn to private chat.
  3. When you want to start group texting make it sure that everyone in the group are quiet familiar with each other and they have something common. Avoid the topic or people which they can’t relate among each other.
  4. Staying on subject who affects or relate to everyone is one of the most important part of group texting, group texting should have a purpose or a goal. Suppose if you wish to make some plans or wants to share some good articles group text is ideal way but for individual talk avoid the usage of group text.
  5. Do not rushing to the conversation is also most basic prerequisite condition for group texting. When you start conversation make it sure everyone has shared their bit of knowledge or information and after giving enough opportunity to all of them only change the topic.
  6. Announcing you are leaving or can’t continue is one of the most essential requirement of Group Texting because when the discussion is going on and all the participants are actively involved in the discussion it is not appropriate to leave the group texting without prior information.
  7. Each group conversation must be end somewhere, so, it is same with group texting too, when you feel that you have conveyed the message and everyone had spoken what they wanted to it is good to end the topic.
  8. Keep sometime between sending the various group texting messages, because, if you start to bombard the text messages, it will create lots of confusion and chaos among the members of group, so, it is always advisable to keep sometime between various messages.
  9. Everyone have different phone, so, sometimes others may not have smart phone or some people can’t group text properly and it is not their fault accept the facts and do not berate people for this behavaiou.

Over and above all of these etiquettes there are many more can be experienced at a time of really conversation, but, by no means, the rules here we have mentioned are not important, it is certainly very much useful and use it as per your situations and circumstances.

Photo Credit : Flickr@sondakika53


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