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While reading the title of article many of you may think the writer might have become mad or must be joking. Because in today’s most practical world where everything comes with certain price tag how one can give such a wonderful  tonic free ? But it is true, the tonic which I offers to all of you, is absolutely free of cost and success of it is 100% guaranteed.

If you closely look at your life, there are many things ,which are absolutely free and at the same time it gives you maximum output, provided if you know how to use it.

Humor is one such great golden remedy, which cures all your deadly diseases, all your troubles. Makes you tension free and removes stress from your life. And best part is that you don’t have to pay a single penny to avail benefits of it.

According to me humor is a simple act of finding the joy of life from the ordinary situations of life, and get funny side of it. And for that you don’t have to travel far, climb the mountains, go to the jungle, or go isolated places. Just keep your eyes and ears open and start to observe the things with little details and believe me you will find not one but thousands humorous experience around you. If you are in a garden just observe the funny movements of insects and ants around you. If you are in any sports ground just observe the players playing the game, see their movements, their joys, sorrows, their face expressions, their reactions while winning and their reactions while they are losing, trust me you will be never disappointed about your humor moments. If you are in any fun park just observe the kids playing around you, look how they run, look how they talk, look how they quarrel, look how they celebrate, look how they fight with each others, I assured you, you will get enough quota of your humor. If you are in zoo just observe carefully various animals, their face expressions, their eyes, their fun moments, when they are in jovial mood and playing with each others. Each and every gesture of these animals gives you enough doses of fun and from where you will find lots of humorous moments.

So what I mean to say is, humor is very effective tonic which is freely available around us, provided we must be willing to see it because what happens with us is that, we are living in fierce competitive world, to perform, to succeed, to maintain our own high standard, to keep up to the expectations of our seniors & our near and dear one, we are constantly juggling around the various activities and our mind most of the time preoccupied with predefined task , so hardly we pay any attention around our surrounding. And believe it is the center point of all frustration and depression, to break this notion it becomes essential for us to detach our self from the day to day activities at least for the few moments and find out something humorous which not only gives happiness but also helps to calm down our mind.

So,dear friends enjoy your humorous moments while reading this and please let me know if you have found some unique yet very simple humorous moments. Awaiting your valuable feedback.

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