We are leaving in the jet era, where clock mostly dominates our life. From morning to night we are bound by the time frame, deadly deadlines and busy and tight schedule. Throughout the day many incidents and events makes us crazy, mad and desperate. And invariably it affects in our mind, at times like this, mind becomes stressful and stress level increases up to the great extent. We don’t know what to do? We don’t know how to escape from this situation. And if we can’t keep the close look at our mind pattern & mood many a times it creates severe problems like long phase of depression, losing interest in life, and many more.So, this is the high time to think about it, because without our knowledge slowly & steadily we are under the trap of depression.

Ok, at last, we realize that we are the victim of one of the major disease of  21st century-depression. But there is no need to be panic about it. Because the best part about is that it can be cured with some easy to use types of homemade ideas.

(1)  First of all, accept this simple truth that you are victim of depression. There is no need to say about it, remember that once you recognize the problem than only cure will be possible.

(2)  Second, if your financial condition allows you the luxury of consult good psychiatric  than without any hesitation do it, because they are trained professionals,possess sound theoretical knowledge and quiet familiar with the human psychology so, after few session they are in a position to locate the problem of your mental condition and provide some useful instructions.Follow their instructions.

(3)  Third, if your financial condition doesn’t allow you the luxury of hiring any psychiatric then :

  • In this entire world there is one person to whom you can trust completely and you don’t have any doubt regarding his/her intention. Approach him, talk with him and without any hesitation tell him that you are passing through low phase of your life. And you need someone trustworthy around and he/she is that person. Open yourself completely in front of that person, because it is common tendency during the depression that the victim tries to keep himself isolated from the entire world and he wants to live in his own world,he hardly speaks with anybody and most of the time remains with himself only. So,once you open with some one half of the your problem vanished.
  • Second, suppose if you haven’t any body around you, to whom you can rely completely then what to do ? No need to worry, there are thousand ways with it you can beat your depression
  1. Are you religious person? If yes, then pray to God. Believe me, initially it will not  provide you the required result but develop your faith in almighty and eventually, the things will start to turn in  to your favor, But it entirely depends upon the amount and degree of your faith.
  2. If you are not religious person then what to do? No problem. Do you have hobby of reading? If yes, Visit nearest book store around your place. Go in to the self-help, motivational or inspirational book section of the store. When you visit it you will find thousands of titles on the subject just go to the preface of book and any content which truly touch your heart. Pick up it immediately. Read it with cool and calm mind. If not satisfied with one reading, go for the second round and find out one single sentence, paragraph, idea, example or anything which inspire you, motivate you, uplift your spirit, and follow it  wholeheartedly.
  3. Suppose if you don’t have fond of reading or you are not literate than what to do? No problem at all, we are living in such a wonderful world where we have solution of every problem. I hope that, now most of us have smart phone, laptop, tablet or PC. Just go to the YouTube, and search for the motivational or inspiration videos, audio speech of the famous people, and listen it carefully try to listen each and every word of speaker with great attention and concentration, believe me, you will find some real gem from them and it will indeed uplift your spirit.
  4. If you don’t have PC, Smart Phone, Laptop or tablet use cyber cafe prudently or use your DVD/VCD/Tape recorder/Walkman and listen some audio cassettes of them and implements the idea in your daily life.

(4) Do some charity work :

When you are quiet hopeless about your life, future seems almost dark, no rays of hope from any corner of the world, felt completely down and out at that time start to do some charity work. Be member of any group,  or activities which works for some noble cause in the best interest of humankind. After attending few sessions, participating in few activities, certainly, you will realize that, your troubles, your problems are much more ordinary than the many of them. So, make it a point to come back in your life, If less fortunate people then you are living happy life then why you can’t?

(5)  Make friendship with small children :

Children are considered as the gift of God, so befriend with them. The biggest advantage about it, if you closely and deeply associates with them for few moments you will realize that during that session you got the real joy of life,So,Why don’t make few moments many more and frequent moments and from temporarily to permanently come out from our own world of depression.

(6)  Visit the place of natural greenery, beautiful scenery and wonderful view.

Keep the motto to be as close to the nature as much as possible. Immerse yourself completely in that natural surrounding and enjoy those quiet, peaceful moments and believe me,it will certainly uplift your mood and will provide you the much more needed confidence to come back in your life with big bang.

(7)  Everyday, do something which boost up your confidence.

Once you realize that you are victim of the depression, the consequences will be low self-esteem, low self-confidence. OK, tolerate that phase also but slowly try to come out from this phase. How? Everyday accomplish some ego, confidence-booster types of task. No matter how small or insignificant it seems, but anyhow try to accomplish it. Once you accomplish one task it will give you courage to tackle another task which may seems somewhat difficult but do it, and gradually, you can develop the confidence to tackle life threatening issues. But start it small.

(8)  Develop some hobby:

In past if you have any hobby, no need to find out new one, just immerse yourself in it completely and deeply involved  yourself in it. If you don’t have, develop new one, just ask yourself,f if you have time of the entire world than what would you like to do with it? From some hidden corner of your heart you will get the answer and follow it completely. Take keen interest in that specific activity or hobby and immediately you will realize that how much relaxation you got, how much happiness it brought in your mind. Stuck with it. Who knows that specific mind refreshing activity may turn out as jackpot for you in longer path of your life.

(9)  Live in present:

Bury your troubled past, forget about the tremendous future, just start to live in present. Many a times a major cause of the depression is because of the black past or uncertain future. To bury the past or to completely ignore the future is lot easier said than done. But, you should master this art because it is the beginning of your battle against this slow-poison kind of diseases.


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