The year is slowly and steadily approaching towards the end, for many of us it is time to be relax, to put all the worries aside and pack for the travelling. Because, generally, people prefer to go on holiday at the end of the year.

But, to go on holiday travel is no small task provided if you are amateur player, frequent flyer, or a regular traveler kind of the person, who knows every nut and bolts of travelling.

Because, to travel to unknown land, to travel to your favorite place, to travel to your dream places is one thing and to plan for that is all together different task.

The joy of travelling vanishes when you start to deal with some difficulties like booking of flight, booking of hotel, dealing with weather or climate of that region and so many other difficulties attached with it.


So, for those of you, who would like to make their travelling as a pleasant experience, here, we have mention few tips.


It is common tendency among most of the travelers whenever they like to travel they choose peak travel dates only, and it is obvious, because, these are dates, where generally you have official leave or holiday in your professional life, these are the dates when kids have vacation at their school, these are the dates, where you can fully explore the place with it true beauties or magic charm, because, some location or places are worth to visit during these days only. So, choose the peak travel dates is most common reason.

But, here, lies the problems, because like you there are numerous people have choose to travel on these specific dates. So, if you travel during these dates you will not get proper transportation facility, you will not get cheap yet very comfortable accommodation, you will not enjoy the place due to overcrowded situation there.

So, if you are interested to travel safely first keep in mind that always avoid the peak travel dates. Especially, if you are first timer, never ever, choose or pick a peak travel dates, it will not only save your lots of money but at the time it will  save you from so many troubles, so, remember the ground rule avoid peak travel dates.


Another thumb rule for trouble free travel is book in advance. No doubt, it is lot easier said than done, I do understand the practical problems of booking early. If you are salaried person or doing job, first of all you have to take the permission from your employer in advance, then accommodate your date with other members of group or family with whom you are travelling and after all this headache you reach up to one common date which is most suitable for all of you, and then you start to look for booking the tickets of bus, train, filight or any other mode of transportation.

When you approach them, you disappointed to know that, your travelling date is already full and hardly any seats or tickets are available.

All your efforts of coordination and planning goes in vain, either you have to cancel the trip, postponed it for future, be ready to pay extra money or all together change the location.

Obvious reason for all this trouble?

You never tried to book in advance and now you are paying the price, so the second and most useful travel tips is start to plan it as early as possible, the more advance you planed, the more benefits you get.

3. Pack Wisely

Packing wisely is also one major point of traveling tips. Because, when you are traveling it is always preferable to travel as light as possible. And many a times, inefficiency in this area cause major problem or entirely kill your joy of travelling. What to pack ? How to pack? How many bags should be carried? How many pairs of clothes should be taken? What are the most important and essential things should be packed? And where it should be kept so whenever situation demand it can be found easily?

These are the some crucial questions which needs to be answered properly before starting journey, the more attention and detailed planning you do in this area the more joy you can have of a hassle free travel, not only that it will give you the peace of mind, because, you know that you have almost anything and everything available, so no need to be worried about small and trivial issues.

4. Travel early or late in the day

For avoiding trouble, for avoiding problem it is always better to find out all the ways and means by which you can make your holiday more enjoyable, more stress free and for that find out creative ways by which you can gain maximum peace of mind.

Whenever travelling if it is possible try to accommodate your time in early morning or late in the day, because, these are the time, when most of the public remains at their home, so, prefer that time.

5.  Use Internet effectively

We are living in the tremendous era of technological advancement, where each and every area of human life is touched by the technological development, so, why travel should be left?

No, not at any cost, so, use this great tool for every steps of your travel. Start it from where to go and end it with when to go? Search everything on the internet and take the maximum advantages of bargain deals, hotel bookings, flight details and many more.

So, use this encyclopedia of knowledge for your benefit and made your traveling more and more memorable, more and more comfortable, more and more enjoyable.

6. Once you reach your destination, make it sure to carry all the address, telephone numbers, email Ids of your hotel, your car rental agency, your friends and relatives living in that destination, so, whenever, lost in the way, you can easily approach or contact some of them.

7. If your journey is too long, and there is hardly any stoppage between two destinations, make it sure that your cell phone is fully charged up, if you use, laptop, tablet, or notebook make it sure it is fully charged up, so, till the end of the journey you can use it without any interruption.

8. Last but not least, despite of all your tricks and techniques, careful planning, detailed description of journey, there are many things which is beyond your control, so be prepared for it.

The best way to deal with unexpected events is keep your cool and calm in any given situation, remember that you are far away from your family, friends and familiar people, so, when dealing with unpleasant event keep this thing in mind and react with the situation in most logical and matured manner.

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