Save the money, money will save you from many troubles of life. Here, we have mention some of the most useful, effective, tried & tested tips about how to save money. Save money with these splendid suggestions.

You must learn to save first and spend afterwards – John Poole

A man who both spends and save money is the happiest man because he has both enjoyments – Samuel Johnson

When you have money, think of the time when you had none Japanese Proverb

Money matter is the most precious matter in human life. Because to survive, to sustain and to succeed in life, this single most factor,this single most commodity, this single most notorious thing, entirely change the equitation of game. We all know it very well. Many a times in our life we understood the importance of it by having it beside us and not having beside us. Many a times, we understood the importance of it in a most tragic moments of our life. During the time of illness, job loss, loss in business and at the time of crisis we learn our lesson in a very hard way.

So, saving money is very much essential in our life.


Saving money is quiet crucial, it not only gives you the financial freedom but apart from that, It helps you to explore much more option in your life. Some of the know benefits or advantages of saving money are:

  • Surplus money release you from paying interest
  • Surplus money gives you safety net
  • Surplus money widen up your options
  • Surplus money makes you tension or stress free
  • Surplus money gives you freedom


Those of you, who are interested in money saving tips, we have mention few of them most useful & effective tips to save money.


No doubt debt is the result of past performance but it indeed affects your present performance. So, if you are really interested, to built financial future, you must cultivate the habit of saving and for saving the money you must have surplus money,so,clear cut meaning of all these, first of all, become debt free than only you can have surplus amount to save.


Once you came out successfully from your past debt, now you can think in the terms of future, because now you have clear cut idea about how much money left, after all your expenses paid. Depending upon the surplus amount you can fix up or decide the specific amount, which you do not need or without which your routine cannot disturb, so, keep that amount aside, as a your saving amount. Now on the basis of that amount you can define your saving goal on the yearly basis or specific time basis.


Once you have define your money saving plan or goal, means, you have fixed or determined some specific amount to save after one year or some specific period of time.

Break-up that goal or amount  in some small portion, Like wise, if you want to save $12,000 after one (1) year. Calculate that amount on monthly and daily basis. Why? Because these two specific figures are quiet useful for you. Suppose if you are salaried person and getting the salary on monthly basis, this is the figure you need to keep in mind, while making a monthly budget, so, monthly figure of your  yearly saving plan will be useful in this manner. Daily figure will help you to curb the unnecessary expenses you do on the daily basis.


Once you have established that yearly saving goal and divided it in to monthly & daily goal, theoretically, you have completed or  finished your planning  part but story doesn’t ends here,on the contrary it starts from here.

It is commonly observed fact that theoretical planning always finds greatest difficulties in practically implementation, so it is true with your financial money saving plan too.

Each month when you think to put that specific saving amount in your account, something or other expenses will come in your way and many a times the expenses are very much crucial like sudden illness or any other emergency which you can not ignore. So, question comes what to do in the situation like this.

One simple word of advice, try to stick to your plan as much firmly as much possible. Because without firm determination or discipline you cannot achieve your saving goal, so, improvise your determination or discipline power.


Discipline or Determination power not only help you to saving the required amount but it will also help you to curb or reduce or minimize all the unnecessary expenses which at the end of the month consumes all your saving amount.

Now onward, keep complete control on your all expenses, keep the track of every single penny you uses, misuses or spends.

With the constant watch on your expenses, within short span, you will realize that, there are many unwanted, undesirable & non preferable expenses you are doing. So, slowly & steadily get rid of all that money consuming unnecessary expenses.


You have controlled the unnecessary expenses, you have started to keep the specific monthly saving amount aside.

So, now  comes question of effective utilization of your limited resource. The amount every month you are putting aside for achieving yearly goal can be utilized in best possible manner, provided you have enough knowledge of various saving account.

So, next step is search about the most lucrative and financially rewarding saving account from various banks, understand the terms of it and open it as early as possible.


Despite of all your above mention steps, precautions, planning many a times you feel that you are not going any further or not making any concrete progress in this area, obviously as a human being you lose hope, you are discouraged you are  thinking to give up all the headache to save every single penny.

But remember that to give up the plan will not help you but on the contrary it will deteriorate your already worse financial condition. So, in any given situation do not lose hope, try to stick to the plan, Remember, something is always better than nothing.


Apart from above mention tips there are some useful & worth to consider kind of the suggestions, have a look at it and if found suitable utilize in your day to day life and make your MONEY SAVING PROGRAMME more vigorous and all round.

(a)  Avoid impulsive buying, plan your all essential and non essential purchases well in advance, so, whenever you go for shopping you have complete list, which will save your fuel cost, which will help you to bring the most required things in your home.

(b)  Save electricity effectively, whenever possible switch off all the electronics items like Fan, AC, Television, Computer etc. Make the conscious habit of it.

(c)  Give up all the unnecessary financially and physically harmful habit like smoking of cigarettes, Consumption of Alcohol, Banned drugs, Gambling Etc.

(d)  Minimize the use of credit card because when you are buying on the credit you are quiet unknown about your future income level, so, for avoiding any future payment problem utilize the credit card at a minimum level.

(e)  Free facilities whenever you have advantages of using free facility or limited time offer or demo version or trial version of the particular product, without any hesitation utilize it because if once you are satisfied with the result they only you are oblige to level.

 (f)  Utilize public transportation system more often, no doubt, it will consume your time, it will not give you the same comfort lever which provide by your own vehicle, but oversight the disadvantages and have a look at the financial benefits it generates.

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