Sneaky Ways to Make Your House Look Clean is must read article for all household ladies who wants to know the quick tips about how to keep house neat, clean and tidy, event when it is not.

How to keep home neat and clean is the major problem for most of the household as well as professional ladies. Because, it is the area which says many things about your personality, I mean how you are keeping yourself in the home is reflected through your home, so, for most of the ladies it is one of the major issue and it is quite obvious too because, the more neat and tidy house you keep, the more freshness, the more vitality, the more energy it brings, so, this is indeed one of the major issue which needs due attention and rightfully.


So, looking to the importance of subject here we have given some very useful, practical, easy to use, reliable and tried and tested kind of the ways by which you can not only keep your house neat and clean but at the same time it gives more meaningful impression to your personality.

1. Shiny Spots

For making your house shining and gleam it is easiest way to first of all make all the bright shiny silver things in your house as bright and shining as possible. There are many things in your house which not only needs proper cleaning but it needs proper shining like your stainless steel sink, a grimy broiler or say handle beneath the oven, these are the things where you hardly pay any attention. But when you visit someone place and see it shining when sunlight reflects on it, you are surely, admire the housekeeper’s attention towards the cleanliness.

This simple cleaning process will serve two purpose, first, people will notice it and they admire your efforts towards keeping your house neat, clean and tidy. Second, due to that shining they will ignore that your carpet badly needs vacuuming, or shelves have gathered lots of dust or window cleaning needs urgent attention.

2. Windows and Mirrors

If you want to make your home look like almost clean, despite of it is not properly clean, the second quick and sneak idea is pay major attention on your windows, because, windows and mirrors easily gets people’s attention.

There are certain method by which you can clean your mirror in most meaningful manner, for cleaning your mirror first of all splash water or window cleaner and then with single sheet of newspaper and hard hand wipe that cleaner. Only use newspaper streak because it prevent streaks.

Cleaning window is much more trickier, because, it comes with two sides, so, you need to pay complete attention on it no quick fix plan works here. But, there is some certain solution by which you can do some window dressing as well as hide the filthy glasses of windows.

By using large tablecloth or full peasant-type long skirt around the window, and  simply strategically placing a few thumb tacks you can not only hide the filthy glass but at the same time you can give it artistic touch which generates interest from viewers and certainly it helps to create your image as a good housekeeper.

3. Clutter Cache

Creating a clutter Cache is another way to create the impression that your house is most tidy, neat and clean from rest of your peers. Creating a clutter cache or a large place where you can stash all your clutter is one smart move by which you not only overcome the problem of where to hide all the clutter. At the same time it creates sound image of your home.

You can use anything as Clutter caches it can be a large box, bin, laundry tub or any other storage-type container in which you can easily put out of the way once its full of all your clutter.

For making your clutter cache more attractive and look decent, you can use some style in it, like, for bathroom use sweet wicker basket, for living room use fabric-lined bins etc.

4. Clean the Three T’s,

Fourth and most important tips to  Make Your House Look Clean is pay major attention on Three T, you may be surprised to read this but it is true, the first T- Toilets, toilets are the area which needs more cleanliness than any other place in house, because, if it is not kept properly cleaned it may spread various diseases. Second T, Tabletops and third T is a Television.

Because, whenever any guest visit your house the first thing he/she notices in your house, how much dust hangs around it, so, if you want to keep your image as a one housekeeper, who knows the importance of it works, pay attention on these area too.


Pet hair is one more area which makes your home less tidy, despite of having complete neat and clean house, if your sofa is covered with a layer of a dog or cat fur it looks untidy, and easiest solution of it, either keep a rubber glove or pet hair busting product handy.


As name suggest creative redecorating is last and final trick you need to apply to make your home more neat, clean and tidy and for that matter you need to apply all the creative ideas, the simple meaning of usage of creative idea means minor or major movement or adjustment of furniture, like something here, something there, which utilize the effective usage of space, and at the same time it increases the outlook of home.

Conclusion :

Quick and Sneaky Ways to Make Your House Look Clean, Even When It’s Not, is nothing else but just usage of some of the most easy to use, most convenient ideas, adopting it, utilizing it and by implementing it, you can make your house clean, tidy and neat place not for yourself but for all of your visitors too.

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