Earn money online or through internet is must read for all. Know useful & effective ideas, tips & ways to earn money online or through use of internet. Convert your spare time in money making time.

Due to latest technological development & advancement in various segment, especially in electronic communication 20th  Century has opened ocean of opportunities for earning money. Gone are the days when you could earn the money through traditional or conventional ways and means.


Typical traditional ways:

If you have family business join it, if you don’t have start one or find out the suitable job for maintaining your livelihood. These were the major  traditional available sources of earning money and people were used to it.

But at the end of 19th Century and at the early beginning of 20th Century entire scenario has been changed.

First, it is Invention of Computer and second, invention of internet not should be but must be considered as the major breakthrough of human race.

It has changed the entire social system and traditional beliefs.

Have you ever imagined that by simply sending a mail within a second you can communicate with others?

Have you ever imagined that by the help of Webcam you can chat with your near & dear?

Have you ever imagined that without going at your office still you can work?

Have you ever imagined that with the cool comfort of your home still you can earn the lots of money?

No, we haven’t imagined any of the above mention matter before half of the century. But, these are the harsh realities of today.

It has revolutionize every area  of human life and how can be earning of money can remain isolated from the waves of it?

Yes, internet or online has open the various sources of earning money.

Here, we have mention some of the tried & tested, some of the new, some of the unconventional yet unique ideas,suggestions,tips or ways to earn the money on internet or online.

Depending upon your skill, available time, flair, you can choose any of them and start to earn the money online or through internet.

Warning : Earning money online or through internet requires great caution.  For avoiding any confusion or saving readers from any cheating Website. Here, we have mention only ideas not the names of Websites which supports that idea or provide those services.So,it is requested to all the readers to do enough research on their part before implementing or being part of any idea. And despite of these, if someone becomes victim of it, we shall not be liable for any financial or any other damage or loss.


There are various sources of earning money on internet OR online through writing.

Here, we have mention some of the them. 

1.   PUBLISH your own BOOK OR  WRITE and sell your own E BOOK      

If you are good at writing, If you have flair for writing, If you think you can write story, If you have ability to create a good plot & build characters, If you think you can hook the readers by your writing….

If you have any above mention qualities and feel that you should do something in this regard to promote your work on professional platform, writing an E-book is one of the major platform, which not only provide you platform to perform on professional level but at the same time financially too it is a very much rewarding and at the same time gives you much needed fame also.

How one can publish a e-book?

No matter whether you are a seasoned author or writer with rights to e publish, you work independently or you are fresher and trying to self-publish your first book, you can follow below mention steps.

Decide Your Route

First and most important step in this direction is to decide your route by which you would like to publish your e-book.

You can publish your e-book by below mention two ways.

  • Self-publish your own e-book
  • Publish your own e-book through traditional publisher.

Now, let us study both the ways in details.

A. Self-publish your own e-book

This route is preferable for those who want to maximize cut of sales, who would wish to have complete control over his/her creativity, or would like to participate in non-traditional copyright structures.

No doubt, this route provides you more control & more money but at the same time it is more complex and demands hard work and tremendous efforts from your end, because you have to market & edit your own ways at the same time you have to deal with sellers too to sell the book.

But you can choose mid way also..

By Creative Commons Licenses you can have benefits of both the worlds,It will give you a template for the legalese to protect your work and at the same time it provides you freedom to decide how much control you wish on your work.

Isn’t it a good way to earn the money on internet or online?

B. Publish your own e-book through traditional publisher.

This route is more preferable for those who wants to devote their complete time to writing only instead of editing, marketing, negotiating or bargaining with sellers.

But, Remember, this route is less complicated than self –publishing but at the same time for all the headache the publisher will take a lager cut from your book sales and will often exert a certain level of control over your copyright and content.

Waiting for what ? if you have writing skills, jot down your ideas and start to write the book and start to earn the money on internet or online.


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