“Life” is the precious gift that ever given by GOD to us, so hence once it’s been given to us then complete responsibility is handed over to us and then it’s totally depend upon us how to make use of this gift either to well construct it or destruct as well. One and only instruction that provided by GOD (who is main creator of this gift) is “Handle with Care” so now only thing left is responsibility on us (second owner) how to deal with this either we can love it or hate it as well. As per the current situation there are about 7 billion people living on our planet called Earth and all have rights to choose how they want to make use of this gift as per their desire.

So now it’s our duty how to make most of it till the expiry date of this or till the end so don’t you think that while we have such a wonderful and precious gift then why don’t we use it in best possible manner as neither we nor you have answer when, how & where this gift will be given to us again by original owner. Of course everyone wants to use it as per their desire but the main problem is they don’t know how to use it but it’s not tough or need any kind of extraordinary things or drama except some of the basic ideas. In this present article we have provided such tips that can be useful to do so.

If you just go deep down the human psychology, be a good observer, start to understand the unspoken words, start to read the face expression of people. From all of this you can find out very basic, well known yet unused tips for living a happy life. Use these well known yet unused tips mention below & see the miracles it does in your life.

These are the very common in nature kind of the tips, neither it claims as a full or final, but at least it gives you some idea to live your life in happiest manner. Use it as per your own surrounding, personality & other affected factors.


First, very basic, fundamental & well known truth, fact or hard/harsh reality of life ‘NO ONE IS PERFECT’. We all know very well this, It is well known truth of life but surprisingly we never accept it wholeheartedly.  From our birth to death  throughout our life we come across thousands of people. If we closely observe  all of them one astonishing fact we found, that no one is perfect, every human being has some shortcoming, drawbacks and weakness. If we look at our life & if we are brutal honest about our self, it is applicable us too. But the fact is, we accept our imperfection very lightly but when it comes about others  we become very much critical about it. So, accept it as a universal  law that no one is perfect, once you understood it, just try to accommodate it in your routine life & with simple change your half of the problems with other will vanished immediately.


We all know that addiction of any kind is not good but how many of us use this knowledge ?  Addiction is bad is well known to most of us then also mostly unused .Addiction in any form is bad is the well known fact, yet mostly unused tip. We all know addiction in any form is not good in our life, it screw our life from inside to outside. Addiction affects our life in physical, mental, social, financial & spiritual level. Let me explain it through one simple example. You consume alcoholic liquid in excess quantity over the years. First of all it is your physique affected badly, over the years due to it you become victim of many diseases and in extreme case it cause death too. Second- Mental consequences of this addiction, you know it is not good for your health but despite of it you are unable to leave it. Each failed attempt to leave it and once again drinking it shatter your moral, weaken your will power and from that lose of will power generates low self- esteem, self pity. Slowly & steadily it kills your fighting spirit. Third- Social consequences of this addiction may put your family & social life in danger, and in extreme case it may lead you towards divorce or separated from your all your near & dear. Fourth- Financial consequences of this addiction may lead you towards bankruptcy or in miserable condition. Fifth- It is not for everyone, but If you are spiritual person in your life each failed attempt to stop this addiction creates feeling of guilty in your mind.

So, what I mean to tell is that whatever I am writing here is well known by all of us then also how many of us resist our self from the addiction. If you are really interested to live your life happily first of all become addiction free, if you have any. I wish many of you, who read this does not have any addiction in their life. If you have, then resolved firmly to abandoned it.


As per the greatest religious book of Hindu mythology- ‘Shrimad Bhagwad Gita’ nothing in this life is permanent, everything is subject to change. And this Hindu philosophy is very well applicable to our life,if we are really interested to live our life happily. Every good as well as every bad moment of life pass. Every dark night ends in bright morning and every shining morning ends in dark night, so like this, life is full with dark and bright, black & white, joy & sorrow, So, accept it wholeheartedly, I do understand, when you are screwed by life from every angle, nothing goes as per your wish, you try for happiness and instead of it you get grief & pain. In situation like this it is quiet difficult to keep the mental control over our self, but remember the tried & tested proverb ‘This too shall pass’. It is greatest remedy for all your troubles. Convince your mind about it and just hang on for few more attempts and at the end you will be rewarded incredible.


Do not tie the knot of every bad incident of your life. Do not make it point to take the revenge of every small social injustice you had. Do not remember every ill remark made by your enemies, Do not wait for opportunity & time to harass all of them who knowingly or unknowingly did something wrong with you in past. What I mean to tell you from this article is that develop the attitude of ‘LET GO’. Start to forgive others & most importantly your self too. Do not be too much harsh to yourself. Remember that you are human being & you have committed mistakes accept it,take the feedback from it,and let it go. Do not provide permanent place to that mistake in your cupboard of mind, so whenever you open that cupboard first work you do to curse yourself. Leave this habit, I know it is quiet hard but at least start to cultivate this habit. Ultimately it is your life how to live it, is upon you only.

These are the few well known truths or principles or tips for living a happy life. Best part about it, It is well known, worst part it is unused. It’s just like, we sat above treasure and searching it everywhere, Isn’t it?



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