God has given greatest gift to all of us. The name of the gift is life. Once it is handed over to us by original owner (God) he/she (or any other form, in which you can imagine God) hardly interfere in usage of it. ‘Handel with care’ is the only instruction provided by the original owner & it is also not mandatory, it is just the formality. Best part about this gift is that (I, We, You,) can decide how to use it. It is entirely left upon the  discrimination of second owner (I,We,You,Us). You are free to construct it or destruct it, You can choose to love it or hate it,You have option to waste it or use it. It is absolutely upon the second owner ( I,We,you) what he/she like to do with it.  There are  nearly 7 billion people living on this earth, each one has rite to use this precious gift as per their wish.

When we have such a wonderful gift, which we don’t know when, how & where again we will get it ? don’t you think that we must use this gift in best possible manner, so, when it comes near expiry date or end, we can leave it or handed over to original owner with great sense of satisfaction and less regret.Yes, it is our humble duty to make most out of it. Many a times we are very much serious to utilize it in a most productive, most fruitful  manner, but unfortunately we don’t know how to do it. But believe me, for living your life happily you don’t have to do anything extra ordinary or dramatic, but just use the common yet unknown secrets mention below & see the miracle it does in your life.These are the very common in nature kind of the secrets, neither it claims as a full & final, but at least it gives you some idea to live your life in happiest manner. Use it as per your own surrounding, personality & other affected factors.


First and most important point to make your life happier is to do what you like to do, it is quiet easier said than done because in reality thorough out our life we have to,we expected to live life with other’s perception, expectations, demands, requests  & commands. Sometimes perception & opinions of others are good and acceptable because we should/must do what we like to do, but before implementing the idea some consideration is needed. First- Do what you like to do but at the same time keep it in mind what you like to do should not be dislike by society. It should be morally uplifting idea or action. From legal point of view it should not attempt to break the law, It should not be unfair for others. By keeping all this points in mind find out something which you like to do and see how your life turns from boring journey to exciting Endeavor.


Life is too short for living at fullest, so why we are wasting it on unnecessary complains. Imagine average life span of individual is around 75 to 100 years how one can expect that during  this long tenure everything will happen as per his or her wish.  I do understand there are many issues in our life which annoyed us, which irritates us, which troubles us but it does not mean that we complain about each and every thing about it.Take it easy, try to find out the workable & practical solution of the problems but don’t make life a complain book.


This is one of the pioneer,basic or fundamental principle of being happy. This is the foundation stone to construct building of your life whose name is ‘happy life’.Our most of the misery, sorrow, grief & pain generates from violating this principle. Throughout our life we expect maximum from others, we hardly understand that they have their own life, they have their own problems, they have their own set of minds, they have their own opinion, they have their own like & dislike, they have their own priorities. In any given situation we always expect other to behave as per our wish and belief, when they cannot react or respond according to our wish.

We start to blame them, we start to label them as a disloyal to us, we starts to see them as disobedient, not trustworthy etc. But from beginning, if we keep our expectations limited, most of the problems are solved. But it is lot easier said than done, but best part about it, over the years, through persistent efforts habits can be cultivated, mold or formed, it is a matter of practice and perspiration. Are you willing to do it?


My friend has height of 6’ when my height is just 5/3’, my friend has a less weight than me, my brother lives in penthouse whereas I am living in small apartment. My sister’s husband earns twice then my husband, my kids are not as smart as my neighbor’s kids. These are the few examples of comparison which made our life miserable.Throughout our life we never stop to compare our self with others, compare our life with other’s life, and believe me this comparison makes our life like a hell. Worst part of the game,we only compare our life with superior, rich & affluent people than us. The golden rule of living life happily is never compare your life with others. I don’t say comparison is wrong, sometimes it works positively too.

If it used wisely, suppose your friend is ranking high in all the exam and you are not fairly well, by comparing yourself with your friend if you get positive feedback and inspiration to work harder, it is absolutely fine. Because this kind of comparisons are good, which boost up our moral,create healthy competition and at last uplift our performance, but the comparison which creates jealousy, envy, hate, frustration or depression in your mind should be avoided at any cost. One more fact related to comparison, whenever you compare your life with others you compare it from the superficial level and without having authentic details. Suppose your neighbor has one of the costliest car of the world and you have old model, but do you know that how much financial difficulties your neighbor is facing while paying the monthly installment of that car. If you compare with reality check chances are that you might feel yourself more happier than compared person.

These are the few unknown secrets of living a happy life, in fact it is not secrets but we don’t utilize it often, so it remains as a secrets, but once we used to it, it becomes golden rule of living a happy life.

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