Everybody wants  to live a happy life. To live a happy life, use, experiment, implement  these 4 great ideas in your day to day life & see how it makes your life happier. Live life happily, explore, experience & enjoy every moment of it by simple yet great ideas.


Everyone likes to have gifts in their life and we even gets it some of the gifts we get are valued by us and some of it we don’t value and just waste it. One of the gifts that is very precious and should be valued is “LIFE”. We got life hence only we are getting gifts hence one should consider their life as one of the precious gift given by god and should not waste it but should enrich it by living peacefully and happily.

If gift given by someone is valued and appreciated then the giver would feel proud and think that he has done something worthy. In the same way god should not be ashamed by gifting us life. Hence we should live it peacefully which would surely make god proud and which may even lead him to gift us other things.

No person would like to accompany a sad people then Will GOD LIKE US SEEING SAD EVERY TIME? Obviously not! So one should always remain cheerful and happy. People usually keeps complaining god about their problems and keeps on asking for things. One would not even like any complaining person and everybody like to hear appreciation, hence in the same way we should not keep complaining to god about this precious life and we should appreciate it.

It is said that “satisfaction is the biggest achievement in life”. One who is satisfied in everything he has got or achieved can be considered biggest achiever. Satisfaction is not only biggest achievement but this also keeps a person happy. Thus in order to live a happy life satisfaction can be considered one of the most important factors. A greedy person always wishes to have more then he possess, though he has everything he wishes to have something more and more thus this would not keep him happy with what he has and would lead to an unhappy life.

Everyone likes to live a happy life but one should follow few tips to lead a happy life. Hence to always have satisfaction, always remain cheerful and not to get worried about problems can be considered one of the important keys to lead a happy and prosperous life. In the present article we would tell you in brief and few more keys to lead a happy life.

If you just go deep down the human psychology, be a good observer, start to understand the unspoken words, start to read the face expression of people. From all of this you can find out great ideas for living a happy life. Use these great  ideas mention below & see the miracles it does in your life.

These are the very common in nature kind of the ideas, neither it claims as a full or final, but at least it gives you some idea to live your life in happiest manner. Use it as per your own surrounding, personality affected factors.


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you have all the time of world, you are completely free from your all your daily duties and schedule, you don’t have to do anything for managing your livelihood.

I mean you are completely free to do what you like to do. Which activity your mind will choose?

Are you imagine yourself reading wonderful book of your favorite author? Then you have hobby of reading. Are you imagine yourself wondering in this universe with some basic luggage? Then you are a free spirited soul who like to travel a lot. Are you imagine yourself drawing pictures? If yes,painting is your interest. What I mean by all these question is, if you are really interested to live your life in a happiest manner.

First and for most requirement is find out the hobby which really you like to do.If you are not self aware kind of the person you may not find exact answer, but as I told you, close your eyes for a few moments and see where your heart goes. Consider it as a your hobby. Despite of all sincere  efforts you are unable to find out your true calling, cultivate some hobby which you really like to do. Develop interest in it and see how that hobby will fill the vacuum in your life.

Believe me, implementation of this simple idea transform your life entirely. Slowly & steadily go as much deep as much possible in that hobby and you see what miracle it will create in your life. Previously what were looking as dull, boring, tiresome, tedious life, all of sudden it will change in to life full with joy & happiness. It will not uplift you morally but at the same time it rejuvenate your body too, and not only you but people around you will notice that significant change in your life. So, why not to give it a try?


If you are nature lover,I don’t have to explain anything to you. But suppose throughout your life you have lived in the concrete jungle, you have missed  one of the most amazing charm of life.

Now a days, through out the world urban life is increasing at a alarming pace.Village or country life is rare reality, small villages are turning in a town and town are turning in a mega city and with each development it lost the connection with nature.

New infrastructure development related activities damage the typical county life setting and we goes far away from nature. The tragedy is that in some city, where ever you see around , you find big skyscrapers, air filled with smoke and pollution, wind with some filthy smell in it, make life like a living hell.

So, what I mean to tell is that, in our daily life we have lost complete touch  or contact with nature. For enjoying the basic joy of life like to watch the sun set or sun rise we have to go some other places. And believe me non availability of this common joy of life, creates lots of stress in our life.

If you are really interested in living a happy life, connect your self with nature.Explore the places with beautiful scenery, unpolluted  air,where nature god is completely pleased & at it’s best. Have a feel of that place, make it a regular habit to immerse in nature, and see how it changes your life.

Believe me slowly & steadily you will realize how much you have missed in your life till today. Any way, It’s never to late .


There is no need to make your life serious, make it lighter, enjoy every moment comes in the way.

Sometimes it is not destination but journey is enjoyable experience. I do understand, you are stuck in bad relationship, I know your financial condition has become worst from bad, I know from each and every corner of life you are knocked hard.

You want to cry but you can’t, You want to escape from it, but you can’t.You want to end up everything,but you can’t. And above all I am suggesting you to find fun from every situation?  Have I become mad,lost my logical thinking? No, neither I have become mad nor lost control over my logical mind.With complete consciousness I am saying you to find fun from every situation.

Yes, it is absolutely true, because when you don’t have control over the situation at least you retain control over your reaction. So, choose to react it in a most positive, happy & funniest manner. Neither it will change the outcome or end result of particular event, but at least you will acquire better tolerance power from this great idea and it will give you time to hang on the situation until it improve or acceptable.


Greed, temptations, over ambition, mad rush towards material things are some of the vices which makes our life miserable. I don’t say be lazy, avoid work, not to enjoy the material thing in life.  What I meant to tell you is be content in life, Remember, ‘Everything  excess in life is poison ‘. So, you are well aware about the basic function of poison, or do I need to explain?

Yes, content is a basic quality of life which creates dramatic change in your life and major factor for creating happiness in your life.

Instead of cursing god every now & then, be blissful to him what he has given to you, instead of what he has not given to you. This simple change in perception & will go miles in  molding your life.

These are the very common in nature kind of the ideas, neither it claims as a full or final, but at least it gives you some idea to live your life in happiest manner. Use it as per your own surrounding, personality affected factors.

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