Wants to live a happy life?Interested to improve the quality of your life?Read these 4 constructive & concrete suggestions. Enjoy, explore, experience happy life. 


The GOD or Almighty is a main creator of so many beautiful and amazing things which can never be created by others like Nature, Life, Humans, Animals etc. and among these “Life” is one of the most precious and greatest gift that ever been gifted by them. So the main duty of GOD is just to create it and just handover it to us so after that total responsibility is delegated to us regarding how to make most of it. You know the best thing of this gift is that everyone can decide what to do with it either love it or hate it in fact as per the saying “You are the creator of your own destiny” so we too have choice either to construct it destruct it as well. Right now about 7 billion human beings are living their lives on The Earth and they all have rights to choose what is best for them or how to use this gift.

So now the question is that why do we waste or hate for such beautiful gift instead of making life more enjoyable and livable as no one among us aware from answer of this question where, when & how this gift will be given by “The God” again to us? Well definitely no one can answer it so don’t you think that while we have a such a wonderful gift then we have to use it in best possible manner so that while it comes to an end or expiry date then we can leave it without regret and complete satisfaction in our psyche.

Mostly everyone wants to do it but the problem is no one knows how to utilize life to make most out of it. So not to worry you don’t have to think much or do any dramatic or extra ordinary stuff as we have provided some of the suggestions in subsequent part of this article that might helpful to do so.

If you just go deep down the human psychology, be a good observer, start to understand the unspoken words, start to read the face expression of people. From all of this you can find out very basic, well known yet unused constructive suggestions  for living a happy life. Use these well known yet unused constructive suggestions mention below & see the miracles it does in your life.

These are the very common in nature kind of the suggestions, neither it claims as a full or final, but at least it gives you some idea to live your life in happiest manner. Use it as per your own surrounding, personality & other affected factors.


No matter what science says about the existence of god, no matter what non believers argue about the non existence of almighty, no matter what your logical mind thinks about God. There are certain times, circumstances & situations  in your life, during that time, you can feel,  there is some kind of super power or cosmic law is working. There are many incidents happens in our life which we can say it is as a coincident, destiny,luck, favor or unfavorably from some intangible power.

Believe me, I respect opinions of all concern person, neither I am against nor I am in favor of any of them. But from my personal experience I have concluded that for living a happy life, if you cultivate some kind of faith in almighty or cosmic law, it certainly gives you some kind of relief. (Once again note that it is absolutely my own personal opinion, I respect the opinions of others too)

Why ?

First, it will be easy for you to digest the fact, that beyond you there is some power,and it works accordingly.

Second, at least it gives you the luxury to blame upon someone. And best part about it whether you blame or bless there is hardly any reaction from opposite end, it works in own manner. Believe me, whatever I am suggesting here, neither it is scientifically proved nor it has any authentication, it is a suggestion, If you are interested, experiment with it, If you found it suitable follow it if not forget it. Does there any harm to give a single try to it?


If your life allows some spare time, your schedule accommodate some activity, if you have luxury of lazy life, do some charity work. Be a part of any activity which is non-professional in nature, which is noble in nature and which is not associated with any known or unknown self or interest, plainly non selfish activity.

Why ?

First, During that activity you come across with the many people. Some of them are poorer, some of them are disable, some of them are orphan etc. If you have mental maturity, one thing will clearly manifest in front of you, that, there are many people in this world who are not fortunate than you, their life is more miserable than you. And this revelation of fact will automatically lead you towards one conclusion that you have good life, appreciate it.

Second,  During that charity work, if you are able to bring a smile on one single person’s face believe me it will uplift your spirit in a great manner, which I am unable to describe in a word, it is a matter of experience,want to feel it?Follow the suggestion,if it is good continue it and if it is not good leave it,as simple as that.

Third, through out our life, we takes many things from society, so any kind of charity work no matter how small it( say for example when you help to cross the road to blind or elder person) is small gesture towards give back to society, and it certainly creates happiness in our life. It is a suggestion worth to implement, Don’t you think at least one small effort in that direction is needed ?

Fourth, by doing some charity work in unselfish manner you deposit some blessings,well wishes of others in your life account, don’t you think that, it will come to your aid when you badly need it on any rough day of your life ?


There are thousands of books published on the subject, millions of articles are written on the subject and yet the greatest tragedy of our life is theoretically, we know the value of love, how it changes our life, how it brings harmony and peace in our life, how it makes our life more happier and peaceful. How it fills the vacuum space in our life, how it keep us going during the turbulence time.We all know the magic it brings in our life, we know how it heals our old and new wound, we also know that how positively it affects our physical and mental status.

We know everything theoretically related to love, but to implement it in our day to day life seems enormous task for many of us. Every now & then we quarrel with each other, every now & then we hate each other.

So, what I mean to tell you is that, if you are really interested to live a happy,cheerful and wonderful life, use love as a greatest tool to improve quality of your life. Maximize the effort to love someone & be loved by some one.

Don’t  narrow the meaning of love by just the relationship between boy & girl, or male & female. Do not confuse yourself with lust or sex. What I am talking here is about the pure,frank & innocent form of love, sex may be one of the expression of love,intimacy but don’t confuse sex with love. For sex, you need another person but for love you don’t need some one around you, from far distance you can love some one. It can be with any one. It can be with your pet dog, it can be with your favorite cat or it can be with your mother, unknown person or any one. The heart full with love has hardly any space for hate,anger, jealousy and other negative vibes in life. So, this is the one of the recommended suggestion that love is a greatest remedy for living a happy life, utilize it in most useful manner.


There are lots of  scientific research and studies have proved the positive effect of meditation in human life. Meditation not only improves your mental health but physically also it creates some positive vibes in your overall personality. It helps to keep your mind cool, calm and compose in any given situation.

Entire book can be written on the benefits of the meditation but what I personally suggest is that, instead of someone else’s experience, why not to try it by your self? At least for few month do experiment with it, if you feel, it is really improvising the quality of your life and it delivers good then continue it and if it doesn’t than leave it.

So, if you are really interested to live your life happily make habit for meditating everyday for at least few minutes.

All the these are the very common in nature kind of the suggestions, neither it claims as a full or final, but at least it gives you some idea to live your life in happiest manner. Use it as per your own surrounding, personality & other affected factors.

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