Pollution has become one of the major enemy of mankind in 21st century and it needs greater awareness from every concern person to prevent it from spreading it all over the world. 

There are some of the issues, which affects badly to entire human race irrespective of their class, community, race, religion, or anything else. And if it is not addressed at a appropriate time, with appropriate planning, the severity of it may create biggest threat to human race.

Pollution is such a evil, which growing at a tremendous pace throughout the world. This is a issue which falls under global concern, because each and every continent on this planet is largely responsible for creation of it and destruction of it. Depending upon the course of action they choose or rather which side of the fence they are, I mean they are playing major role to creation of it or destruction of it?

The issue need immediate and urgent attention from all concern parties, like, Government, Semi Government, NGOs, Business Houses and last but most important each and every living human being on this earth.

Pollution comes in various forms, Soil pollution, Water pollution and Air pollution are name of some forms.

Approximately seven billion people of the world, on and average each person produces 4.4 pounds of waste each day and around a ton in a year, the problem is becoming more and more severe each passing day.


Looking to the severity of the problem, here, we have given few tips, ideas, ways or suggestions to prevent or control pollution.

1. Vehicles are major source of creating air pollution along with other things. Minimum usage of vehicles can help to curb the pollution. Whenever possible instead of using car or your vehicle, choose to ride bicycle or walk.

2. Unleaded gasoline usage in car or in any vehicle is highly preferable because it helps to curb the pollution.

3. Your well maintained car or any vehicle too can long way to reduce pollution because if it is well maintained it avoid smoke emissions.

4. Smoking is not only good for your health but at the same time it helps to reduce pollution.

5. Your pets too create lots of pollution so do not forget to take proper care of them along with their wastes.

6. Plant more and more trees and if possible put indoor plants.

7. Create your own garden or your own green space because trees and plants by producing oxygen clean the air and at the same time makes atmosphere pleasant.

8. Protect the trees, whenever found that it is cut illegally by unauthorized person immediately inform civic authorities, by that way, you are not only saving tree but doing great service to the future generation.

9. Hang your laundry in open, use free wind and sun to do the job. Which will minimize the usage of gas or electricity based dryers.

10.Utilize abundantly and freely supplied green power by nature, minimize the usage of electric operated fan or Air Conditioning by enjoying fresh air from windows.

11. Litter in public places is also one of the reason of pollution, generally, it is banned everywhere but still it needs enough awareness.

12. Industrial waste materials which is generally thrown in the river must be avoided.

13. For dispose of wastes generally open fire is used but it creates more pollution so, it should be avoided.

14. Many parts of the world it is found that lots of Plastic Of Paris made idols immersed in river, pond or lake. It too creates lots of pollution in the water.

15.Drainage water should be avoided to be thrown in to river or sea.

16. Instead of using plastic bag start to use cloth bag.

17. Water is one of the most important commodity of the earth, so, waste of it must be avoided at any cost, it not only save water but at the same time it helps to minimize the pollution created through the water.

18. Every year 22nd of April is observed as a Earth day throughout the world and major objective is to create awareness about harmful effects of pollution in our daily life. Instead of making it a one day practice, more or less the efforts should be made to make it the way of life.

19. All the industries must follow applicable government regulations regarding the control of pollution voluntary, and if they fail to follow, there should be strict norms regarding it.

20.  There must be proper policy regarding the dump of Organic waste, it should not be allowed to dumped anywhere.

21. Unwanted sounds, loud noises creates noise pollution, so, it should be monitor properly and any violence in this regard should be dealt with strict hands.

22. Reduction of inorganic materials such as metals, glass and plastics should be encouraged and it should be replaced with organic materials like paper which can be easily reclaimed and recycled.

23. Domestic wastage should be properly dispose, first of all, it should be collected in waste bins instead of throwing it anywhere and once the waste bin is full all the wastage should be destroyed in most scientific manner.

24. Emission standard in industrial area should be regularly monitored and any failure in this regard dealt strictly.

25. Non toxic soaps, non-toxic detergents, non-toxic cleaning products should be used more often in household.

26. Especially in your home garden avoid over usage of chemical fertilizer and pesticides no doubt usage of it helps to faster growth of plant but at the same time it creates soil pollution.

27. Bio-fertilizer usage should be maximized and usage of chemical fertilizer should be minimized.

28. If you are residing near beach area, make it sure, it remain as much pollution free as much possible, because, the wastage, the garbage thrown on the beaches straight way goes into the sea and it pollutes the water of sea.

29. Avoid the usage of pressure horn in your vehicle, because it creates lots of noise pollution.

30. Avoid the usage of GMOs, means, the crops which are genetically engineered or popularly known as genetically modified organisms, because it uses maximum amount of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides so it pollutes the overall environment, not only that, it affects badly to human health.

So, overall, Pollution has become one of the major enemies of the mankind in 21st century and it needs greater awareness from every concern person to prevent it and every effort in this direction lead us toward us clean earth, green earth.

Photo Source : www.flickr.com


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