Ways to save water is must read for all. Because in this article we have given few very useful, effective and most efficient tips to save the water. By applying it, you can minimize the misuse of water and maximize the correct usage of it.

Water is one of the basic element which helps to sustain the life, because, like air & food, water is also one the basic necessity of life. Every living species in this earth needs water in one or another form, no matter whether it is live human being or animal or dead looking plant or tree or it is smallest insects, for sustaining life, or to be alive each and every one needs to have a water for maintains of their life and without that or in absence of it, single creature of this earth cannot survive.

Saving of water, conserving of water or elimination of the ways which waste the water has becoming much more importance now than ever before, because two major reasons which compel us to do something serious in this regard. One, day after day, year after year population is growing at a jet speed so more population means more need of the water and second, we have limited resources because out of total available water less than 1% of it can be used rest of the water is salt water or permanently frozen which we cannot use it.

So, looking to above matter in sight, it becomes very much essential for all of us, to find out the ways and means to save the water or at least, find out the ways where we can minimize misuse of it.


Here, we have given few important tips, tools, techniques, ideas, suggestions or ways to save the water.

1. Turn off the tap when not needed. It is commonly found among all of us, while brushing teeth not once but both the times, morning and before bedtime, while washing dishes, it is common tendency that we generally keep tap open, whether it is needed or not. It is indeed huge misuse of water. So, turn off the tap when not needed.

2. While washing a car or bike generally people use a hose which waste lots of water if you leave it running, so, instead of hose, if washing can be done with bucket and sponge it saves large quantity of water.

3. Instead of using bathtub encourage the usage of shower while taking bath. Because a shower uses much more less water than bathtub.

4. Leakage of  toilet is also one of the major reason for unnecessary wastage of water, it could waste large quantity of water on daily basis. If found any leakage in toilet immediately repaired it.

5. While watering to your yard choose early morning or late evening because coolness in the atmosphere gives more time to plant to drink water and instead of too much water to plant little sprinkle is much more beneficial.

6. Organic matter along with efficient water system. Usage of organic material helps to increase absorption and water retention.

7. While shaving fill up the bottom of the sink with water and rinse your razor in it, it will save enough water.

8. Drinking water should be saved in refrigerator rather than letting up the tap run whenever you need a cool glass of water.

9. If you have two sinks and habituate to washing dish by hand, always fill up one sink or basin with soapy water and quickly rinse it from slow moving stream from the faucet.

10. Unnecessary flushing of the toilet should be avoided, generally people throw insects, tissues, cigarettes and other waste in toilet and later on flush it with full flow of water, it consumes huge water.

11. Usage of broom should be encouraged instead of hose while cleaning or washing driveways or sidewalk.

12. If you have swimming pool there is nothing harm to covering it, because it helps to prevent evaporation.

13. Instead of finding manually where the water is leaking use or install a water meter, with this simple device you can reduce unnecessary wastage of water and more over it raise your awareness about your water usage on each activity.

14. There are some clothes like socks, underwear etc. which is you can change on daily basis, but, there are other clothes like your jeans, skirts, shirts or T-shirt which you can change after wearing for more than twice or thrice.

15. Constant monitor on your water bill and water meter can you tell lot about how you are using your water.

16. While washing hands turn the water of when not needed.

17. While waiting for warm up water, put a bucket in shower, and instead of throwing it, use if for some cleaning or gardening purpose.

18. Instead of using conventional or full-flow shower head install a low-flow shower head which flows less water in compare or conventional shower head and it saves huge amount of water while bathing.

19. Any appliances or product should be thoroughly check from water efficiency point of view before buying.

20. While bathing fill up the tub with as much water as much needed. There is no need to fill up it completely.

21. If you don’t have any financial constraint than using a commercial car wash is best option because it not only saves your time but they know the techniques which minimizes water use.

22.  Save water or conservation of water is teamwork and if the drive run throughout the family than only it yields fruits so encourage your family members to participate in it.

23. If possible adopt rainwater harvesting.

24. If it is possible use the same towel for a week instead of changing every day.

25. For cleaning vegetables and fruits put them in a bowl of water instead of rinsing them under running tap.

26. While choosing plants for your garden prefer native plants because these plants are indigenous to your area and it thrive much better with less efforts.


There are many ways by which you can save or conserve water but above mention ideas are most basic and it can be implemented by any individual, if a little attention is paid on it.

There are numerous benefits of saving and conserving water, so, issue should be given due importance and implementation of it must be made priority based issue in each household.

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