Things happy people do differently is must read article for all. Especially it is very much beneficial for the depressed and frustrated people, by adopting some very useful tips from article any one can achieve happiness in their life. 

As a matter of fact whenever we meet new people,

Consciously OR  Unconsciously,

Intentionally OR Unintentionally,

Knowingly OR  Unknowingly,

We classified them in three basic categories…..

First, Optimist       Second, Pessimist             Third, Realistic

So, the first question comes in mind are these people really different from each other? If you analyze them and their behavior, the first thing falls under your sharp observation is that, generally, almost all of them are same, but the basic differentiator between all of them is how they look the things? How they perceive the matter?

Depending upon this matter only, they are, falls under various categories. Generally, we consider optimist people as a happy people OR more or less, we view happy people as a optimist people.

Why it is so?

Happy people also face same problems, same troubles and same obstacles, which most of us face every now and then in our life..but despite of same situation and same circumstances how they remain happy?

This is the area, here, we have discussed with enough information.

Here, we have mention, various tips or ways & ideas used by the happy people which they do differently than ordinary people.



Expression of gratitude is one of the most commonly found qualities in all the happy people. OR the matter can be seen from different angle also, since they are content with whatever they have, they remain happy.

It seems very common, but most solid qualities of happy people. Instead of having the big list of what they don’t have, happy people keep the big list of what they have or what god has granted them. And it is the single most qualitie which makes their life like miracles from miserable.

And, if you think from the logical point of view, immediately you realize that how it turns your sorrow into happiness. Because, by expressing gratitude, you are sending clear cut message to the universe or supernatural power, that whatever almighty has granted to you, you have not only accepted it but you are thankful for his/her kind gesture, so, you are opening the door of abundance.


Second thing commonly observed among happy people is that they don’t keep any kind of grudges. No doubt, happy people aren’t the aliens or species of other world so, they don’t keep the grudges, but the differences among happy and unhappy people mostly about the duration of grudges they keep on their mind.

Unhappy people when met with any tragedy of life or say some kind of negative experience about place, people or any specific event, that, particular event or mishap becomes integral part of their life. In many cases, mishap happened in childhood dominates their entire life and it hardly leaves them till death.

Whereas, happy people are much more grounded on this matter. I don’t say their life is bed of roses, they to have their share of unhappy moments, mishaps, tragedies and all troubles, but they don’t make it as a integral part of their life. Forgiving and forgetting are the two major antidotes they use to cope with these grudges. And due to this they hardly give any space to anger, resentment, hurt, negative emotions and bitterness in their mind. So, it saves their mind from becoming a dustbin of unnecessary waste or clutter, and that unoccupied space gives more space to more cheerful ideas and ultimately it generates more happiness.


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