Basic Parenting Tips For New Born Babies is must read article for all the parents who are passing from pregnancy to raise the kids. Few basic tips useful for parents.

First of all congratulation for entering in to the new phase of life, the phase of life which is desired by almost all the parents of the universe. The phase of life which makes you more happy than less sad, the phase of life which makes you more responsible in your life, the phase of life which puts some additional pressure in your personal life and if you are professional person needless to say it will create some problem in your life.

Though, it is most fulfilling phase of your life, it is included with some major roles and responsibilities, which without fail you have to perform as a part of your duty, whether you like or dislike it.


But, no need to be worried about it, here we have mention few very useful, effective and easy to use as well as understand kind of the tips, which can help you to up bring your baby in best possible manner.

1. Find out helping hand

Since, you are coming out of the pregnancy, your health is not up to the mark, you need complete rest to recover the weakness caused due to the pregnancy, so your prime concern after coming out from the pregnancy is to find out the proper, reliable and most helpful person who can help you to overcome this time effectively.

For that matter, depending upon your relationship with your family member find out some suitable person from the family only because, they are your most trustworthy companion so you can heavily relied upon them. If you don’t find family member then friends are the next best option available to you, and despite of all your sincere efforts you are unable to find out suitable person go for ‘Nurse’, avail the services of paid ‘Nurse’ for few month, with proper verification.

2. Handling the new born baby:

Handling the new born bay in most delicate and healthy manner is another useful tips of effective parenting. Since, the baby is new to the world, his/her entire body is quite delicate so take extra care to tackle this issue in most appropriate manner.

For that keep some basic steps in mind while dealing with these issue,

First of all, make it sure that whoever touches the baby must have clean hands because new born does not have strong immunity so chances of infection from human touch are very high.

Second, Be extra cautious when you support head and neck of the baby especially when you hold him/her upright or lay him/her down.

Be careful to support head and neck: Support the head of the baby when you are holding him/ her upright or when you lay him or her down.

At any cost avoid to shake the baby because it can cause bleeding in brain and in extreme case it can cause death too.

3. Bonding with your baby

Bonding with your kid in most natural manner is one of the most essential tip for parenting because, bonding means attachment contributes to their emotional growth and kids developments in other area is largely depends on how he/she had bonding with their parents during the initial year.

Initially start to bond with your infants by little cradling and gentle stroking, gentle massage is another way to initiate bonding with the baby.

4. Changing the diapers

Initially when the baby is relatively small, he/she dirties the diaper numerous time during the day, so, for parents it is indeed hectic task to change the diaper each time when baby dirties  the diaper. But, for your kind information it is not essential to change the diaper every time, it needs to be changed only when it is wet or with poop. Not only that, while changing the diaper make it sure that you have all the supplies available like, a clean diaper, fasteners, ointment, warm water in container and clean washcloth or wipes.

If it is your first experience of being parent, make it sure that you learn the art of changing the diapers properly from your elders or professional nurse.

5. Bathing basics which you need to know

There are some parents who exceptionally careful about cleanliness and there is nothing wrong in it, but, same cleanliness applies to the new born baby it may create some problem.

Because, during the early birth days of baby at least for 4 week there is no need to give him/her bath only sponge will do. Then slowly start to give the bath initially once or twice in the week at least for first year.

For sponge bath use a soft clean washcloth or sponge, unscented soap and shampoo, warm water and soft clean towel.

6. Lay down your baby on tummy:

Generally, babies spend most of their time  on back, so it is quite important to put the baby on tummy. Due to that change position baby feel relaxed for while and at the same time this position encouraged some motor skills in to the baby. Initially, keep it brief for 5 minutes once daily in the beginning, later, on you can increase it for more time.

7. Feeding

Apart from above mention steps there are some feeding related tips which needs to be keep in mind. Generally, babies need to feed more than 3 times in a day, if the baby will not get enough food he/she will cry and fuss. During the initial days when baby do not take regular food, it has to drink either formula or breast milk. Breast feeding is best for new born ask your doctors for first time breast feeding tips.

8. As a parent of new born parents always keep in mind that never ever feed your newborn ‘regular’ or usual food which we as a adult consume, because they don’t have teeth so they cannot chew it and due to that their digestive system could not respond accordingly.

9. Loud noises scare the new born baby, so, whenever watching TV, listening Radio, or talking on your phone or in person with some, always try to maintain your voice as low as possible, because, initially new born is not quite prepare to heard loud noise, so minimize the usage of it.

10. From giving birth to the first year of childhood, there are many occasions when you need to visit your doctor, so, do not, miss or postpone or delayed that visit, whatever, prescribed by the doctor for baby and as a parent for you must be followed religiously.

Because, single mistake in this area can cause lifelong damage to your kid, so, looking to the importance of events pay regular visit to the doctor.

11. Though initial year your baby is quite infant but as the days progress he/she starts to understand many things, though he/she cannot clearly express what he/she feels, so as a parents make it sure to providing best supportive and loving atmosphere to your kid and for that create a joyous and loving atmosphere in your house.

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