Desirous to have a dream girl in life, wants to have a woman of substance in life, Read these qualities to look for in a woman & enjoy the real charm of life.

When we discuss anything about woman we must have to be very specific about which form of woman we are discussing?

Because, Throughout our life we develop relationship with woman in many relationship forms like mother, sister, wife, colleague, girlfriend, friend etc.


  • Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.Joseph Conrad
  • The only way a woman can ever reform a man is by boring him so completely that he loses all possible interest in life.- Oscar Wilde
  • There are only two types of women — goddesses and doormats.Pablo Picasso

Generally, man prefers woman with below mention qualities :



First of all, it is confidence which matters most, because now a days, we are living in the cut throat competitive world, where every day, we faced with many known & unknown challenges and troubles. We don’t know from which corner of the life challenge may come.

Sometimes it may be from social front, sometimes it may be from financial front etc., Previously we were living with our parents and in joint family but now we have started to live in a separate family where only husband and wife with their kids live without having the presence of their parents.

 So, to raise the children, to provide them proper upbringing, to provide them valuable lessons of life you need to have a woman with superb substances and that substance is nothing more than confidence.

So, first and most, important quality to look for in a woman is confidence, because CONFIDENCE is such a quality which helps to turn  every obstacles in opportunity,

So, confidence is most desirable quality in woman.


Family or marriage life demands 100%  commitments from both man & woman. To succeed in family life, to raise the children, to maintain house in proper order are very much demanding task, it needs complete attention from one of them.

But, from centuries society has handed over these responsibilities to woman, where man is bread winner and woman is queen of house. No doubt, in 21st century entire social system is passing through great change, but still, to keep the house in order is primary task of woman.

So, woman must have complete devotion towards her husband & family


The gentle spirit of woman reflects an inward security. That gentleness stops her from becoming anxious and arrogant or prideful towards others. The essence of being good goes very much inside & deeper. Being good means not outward behavior or appearance but it is the state of heart. It means a person of integrity who is quiet conscious about moral uprightness, who consistently maintains a standard of right conducts in any given situation or circumstances.

Can you imagine your life living with someone who is not gentle and good by heart? The simple answer is no.

So, look for gentleness and goodness in woman.


No matter, if she doesn’t possess any extra ordinary qualities but if she lacks love, it matters a lot. Because love is the foundation stone upon which everything else in the life is built. It is most important & greatest virtue, without it everything else holds no real, significant or eternal value.

Can you imagine spending your entire life who doesn’t have any kind of love or affection towards you and your kids?

If no, better look for this quality in woman more often, because it is not need but vital necessity to live a life.


‘Honesty is the best policy’ is popular adage. But especially in family & married life, it holds greatest weight. Without honesty one cannot gain trust of others and without trust, it is quiet difficult to build solid relationship.

Therefore, honesty is base, which creates trust among partners and that trust based on the long term honest behavior helps to sail through any strong & mighty storm.


Patience is the quality which helps to keep your mind cool, calm & composed in the situation of adversity & obstacles. During the time of crisis, life threatening circumstances it is patience which keeps you hanging on.

Ideal woman must know how to utilize available resources during the time of natural & man made calamity without anybody’s help and for that she must have patience.


Prudent woman manages her time well, she always looking ahead to plan and prepare for future’s upcoming activities & appointments.

So, her prudent nature provides enough time to valuable activities and avoid unnecessary activities, which helps to run home smoothly, prudent nature of woman provides valuable analysis of the situation and helps to deal or tackle the situations accordingly.


Maturity means it is the state or quality of being fully grown or developed.

For living life, for facing the troublesome part of life, for coming out of crucial setback of life, for growing many notorious and mischievous kids, man wants or have desire of woman who is by nature most mature.

Because it is the maturity which comes with age and experience and that age and experience in woman helps to solve many domestic disturbing issues with quiet ease.

Maturity of woman helps to tackle turbulence time of life with less stress and more relief.


Most man wants to have someone around him who unconditionally support him in all his reasonable endeavor, because during the time of uncertainty, during the time of some of the major life altering decisions like changing jobs, starting new ventures, migrate in unknown territory man expects someone stand beside him and provides him complete support to pass through the situation. So, supportive nature is one of the desirable quality of woman.

But remember, it is supporting not suffocating nature is required.


Mentally strong woman is great relief while passing through the trauma of life, in life many unpleasant, many unexpected events takes place and which entirely caught you off guard.

Therefore strong mind & independent nature knows what to do under the influence of events, what is the wise course of action should be initiated to tackle the situation in best possible manner.



(b)   HUMBLE

(C)   KIND

(d)   MODEST

(e)   LOYAL 

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