Choose or select your life partner on the basis of these qualities. More than 10 qualities to look for in a life partner. Maturity,sense of humor,compatibility,caring and sharing.

Can we imagine our life without having life partner?

Our spouse, life partner, better half , fiancee, lover, husband, wife, means partner of life which is called as our life partner is our life. This is the person with whom we are going to share & spend our adult life,because if we look in to typically life style, we clearly come to know that our life is quiet classified in to category. First- Life Before marriage, Second-  Life After marriage.

Means, from our birth to becoming young and in many case adult we spend our life with our parents and then onward we spend our whole life with our husband or wives. So, it means that at least half of the life and in many cases one third part of our life we spend with our spouse.


[box type=”success” align=”alignleft” ]When we are going to spend our half or in many case one third part of our life with our life partner, it becomes very much essential for us to find out the suitable & proper person for this specific person with whom we can spend our rest of the life in much more harmony, peace and cheerfulness.

Most of us wants to have such a life partner with whom we can live till death, but despite of our sincere efforts many a times we see couple departs, couple separates and many marriages ends in divorce, so the basic point is that one should find out the qualities to look after in a life partner.[/box]



Out of desired or preferable qualities MATURITY is one of the most essential, sought after, badly needed quality to sustain healthy relationship because your life partner is going to spend almost one third or half part of your life with you and in this very long, say,about 30 years or more than that years of  tenure in relationship many a times situations will go out of your control, many a times unexpected events may occur and many problem arise so during that all the troubled times one need to have a level headed person around who can not only take the complete control over the situation but he/she can start damage control measures.

So, maturity is most desired quality in life partner.


The journey of life is too long and it is with lots of twist & turns, you don’t know on which road you will meet unexpected turns,twist,bumps and speed breaker and that turn will cause your happy life in a sad story of tragedy so in difficult time like this you need someone around you who  can have sense of humor. Because this single quality of your life partner will change the entire situation and it is this quality which will minimize your half of the pain, grief or sorrow.

So, while looking for partner do not oversight this much more needed quality, on the contrary pay maximum attention on this quality because when you have funny,jovial, cheerful person around you your  life becomes living heaven.


As per the definition of dictionary compatibility means capable of existing or living together in harmony Or Able to exist together with something else.

Do not oversight these trait in life partner because when you select someone as a your life partner he/she not only share your room or house or bed but apart from that he/she share their personality so they must be in a position to co-exist, not only that despite of having different personality, race, religion, belief, class, community & cultural differences they must be capable of existing or living together in harmony.

So, compatibility is one of the most desired quality of a life partner, never ignore it.


“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”
 Albert Einstein

Above quotes speaks volumes about integrity. Simple meaning of Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles or soundness of moral character.

Choose or select the life partner on the basis of his/her integrity because moral or ethical principles are guiding path in the times of turbulence, temptations and trouble.

Integrity is one of the major issue which cannot be underestimated while selecting or choosing the life partner. Integrity is basic pillar or foundation stone of your character. Those who have integrity also has an unblemished character in each sphere of their life. You can always relied heavily or count on the person with sound integrity and they will never ever let you down.


It is commonly observed fact that those who are very near & dear to us are most ignored or take it granted type of person, because it is human psychology the more you become familiar with the opposite person the more you start to take them lightly and mildly and slowly & steadily it minimize the respect of each other.

So, while choosing life partner be clear that how much respect he/she will give you when you really need it, how much mutual trust you both can keep upon each other.


Communicating with each other in a most productive & constructive manner in relationship is much more essential because it can make or break your relationship. Because many a times major problems occurs while one or the other life partner lacks proper communication skill, it not only create confusion, tension or stress in one another’s life but many a times it is the only reason of divorce or separation in relationship..

It is found by various study that being able to talk or communicate about your problems with your partner can help protect your relationship.

So, do not forget to look this quality in your life partner, if it is unavailable in him/her make conscious efforts to develop it.


Once you got married priorities of life, all of sudden changes, marry making, funny and jovial days of bachelorhood vanish and here comes the day of family responsibility. Hang out with friends throughout  the night replace with early home coming, late office hours simply takes place by timely office hours etc.

Means your life partner should have that maturity or sense of responsibility when getting  married or being in a serious relationship to leave all previous habits which cause troubles in your family and relationship.


Once you got married with your life partner initial excitement,curiosity about each other perish, eventually, slowly and steadily life becomes monotonous and mechanical process and later on it may become boring.

So, for avoiding this choose someone who knows how to rejuvenate life, how to make it loving and romantic every now & then so, interest in your relationship can be maintain throughout your life.


It is commonly observed fact that those who have faith in religion or God, or believer in God are much more caring, cool, calm, compromising person in their personal life, they do have more tolerance power, they resilience power is also good and they tackle the most difficult situation or circumstances of life in most humble and hopeful manner.

So, by and large, religion is making overall good impact on person’s mind, so, while choosing the life partner if you provide slightest weight to this characteristic, you are not looser but on the contrary you will gain a lot.


For living life one need both head & heart, head helps to make logical,reasoning,analytical, calculative choices while heart makes you aware about your conscious, your inner calling. Both are essential in living life in most peaceful & productive manner.

But for making complicated,strategic,tactical decisions in your life you need the life partner who has sound intelligency, who got the talent and who has proper education.

So, do consider these qualities seriously while choosing the life partner and depending upon them make wise choice.

Apart from above mention qualities few desirable or preferable qualities are:

  • Easy going with calm nature
  • Must have proper ambition
  • Indepenent decision maker
  • Open minded
  • Physically if not attractive at least good looking
  • Trouble shooter
  • Problem solver

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