10  Daily Management Tips For Living Stress Free Life is a must read article for all. In this article we have mention some very useful yet very simple tips to manage the stress.

There are many words in our vocabulary that have been become most popular in our modern life. Stress is one of the word which have become most famous, most popular, most known word for the current generation.

On one hand modern life has bring lots of cool and comfort in our life, with most sophisticated, ultra modern, highly technological advances life has become more and more easy.

Hard work has been replaced with most sophisticated technologies. Many manual work previously done with hard human labor now can be easily done with machines. Machines has started to play major role in our life and now we cannot imagine our life, without it.

But like popular proverb ‘everything comes with price tag’ same with the modern life, no doubt, due to all of the modern equipments, electronic gadgets life has become more comfortable but strangely with more comforts life should have been become more enjoyable, more pleasurable experience and instead of it, life has become more and more complex, and with increasing complexity stress has become most integral part of the life.


For those of you, who are experiencing same situations and circumstances in their life, here, we have mention 10 daily management tips, to live life without any stress. Have a enjoyable reading.

1. Generally people feel that for making your day more meaningful, one must be careful from morning, but it is not complete true but only half true, because for making your day more meaningful, or for living tomorrow more meaningful from previous day night you must plan it.

Each day at the end of the day or at night or at a bed time, plan the next day. During that planning process find out the activities you would like to do next day.

2. Another useful and very important tips to manage your day on daily basis is get a good day planner, a good planner which consist most of the useful items. With the help of the day planner, one can schedule all activities but priority base condition is whatever planned must be followed faithfully.

3. While having a day planner means now you have the complete list of the activities you would like to do on particular day in written. So, when you wake up in the morning you have already “ to do” list. While going through the “ to do list” prioritize the activities, give the number to each activity on the basis of its priority, on the ground of importance of activity give priority and number to each activity.

4. So, with above mention tips now you have complete list of activities based on the importance, so, no more confusion or chaos about what to do? And when to do?. Believe me, this simple tip if followed properly can minimize your half of the problems regarding time management and scheduling.

5. But, it is commonly found that in the beginning of the procedure people have great amount of interest and enthusiasm about planning they buy fancy planner, they put many “ to do list” in it, and for some time they follow it without fail, but after some time initially interest fade away and usual habits starts to dominates.

So, for avoiding it, remember one golden rule, make it habit to read your To-do-list first thing in the morning. Generally we all have habit to read the  newspaper in the morning as a first activity then we check our emails, so, instead of it cultivate the habit of read your to-do-list items from your planner and then go for newspaper or email, it will help you to focus on the day.

6. To be more specific, to be more focused, to be more productive and to be more stress free throughout the day, it is very much important to review your “ to-do-list” more often, it is very much preferable that at least thrice in a day, you should review your to-do-list. First time in the morning, so, you can plan your day, second time in afternoon so you can see the progress you have made throughout the day and at last at night so you can evaluate the entire day and find out the activities which have not been completed so you can keep it in next day’s planning.

7. One of the major reason of stress in our life is too much work needed to be completed in too less time, means we are always in short of time to do something and that creates lots of stress in our life.

Easy way to deal with it, delegate as much as possible, find out an assistant, find out colleague or associate upon whom you can rely. Hire someone skillful who can minimize your work load, so you can pay your maximum attention on  most productive work. And, it will give you free time to enjoy with friends and family members.

8. Make meeting more meaningful, for making it more meaningful and productive always stuck to the agenda, otherwise it becomes time wasting. Avoid unnecessary and non essential meetings which is usually wasted time chatting.

9. While focusing on any important task or problem, choose to be alone, find out some silent place where you can completely focus on the problem without any disturbances.

10. Learn the trick to say “NO” whenever need arise. It seems very much strange, but it is quite true, many a times stress in our life is not due to us or our problems but mainly due to the problems of others and our involvement in it. Many a times we have to involve in many matters which we may feel not suitable to our mind but due to lack of courage, due to lack of not knowing the trick about how to say “ NO” we simply become victim of stress.

So, for avoiding it, learn the skill to say “ NO”  whenever the need arise, and it will minimize your stress level up to considerable level.

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