A trending game or should i say it now evergreen game that is PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds known as PUBG is now releasing the most awaited collaboration of zombies mode of resident evil 2 through it’s application. Developer of Tencent have announced that the zombie mode will be releasing by the date February 19 in PUBG mobile.

Zombie mode is one if part of it’s collaboration that is between Tencent Games and RE Games. This update will allow it’s users to have experience of new mode. Using this mode player can fight with massive zombie and against it’s attack. Not to forget that this collaboration or mode is available for limited time.

PUBG team have announced on Twitter that the maintenance fir this mode will be carried out on 18 February and you will experience a smooth roll out for the update. All of the five servers will be down for around eight hours that means starting from 00.00 to 08.00 UTC.

Zombie Mode

The most awaited Zombie mode is going to be introduced with a collaboration to survival horror game which is Resident Evil 2. Tencent have already announced about this collaboration in December by then player are waiting for this new mode of game. It is now going to be known as “Survival Till Dawn” from “Sunset”. By using this mode players will need to fight out woth zombie waves that are in collaboration by the devdlopers of Resident Evil 2. This mode will enable the player to choose a teammate which is zombie and a zombie will fight against a zombie. The last player which means the winning player will be awarded with “Chicken Dinner”.

Not only this but PUBG mobile is going to introduce a new feature which is called as personal space. This feature allows the players to select their friends with synergy 400 or above of that. Player will also enable to add their friends as partner and stand by their side in their area.

An additional new feature is going to arrive at PUBG mobile app within snow map vikendi which is called as Moonlight. This mode will be same as night mode of Erangel. It will also remove the map from Beta. Players will also choose Sanhok in Arcade mode for jump into quick matches. This update will bring solutions for bugs that will be related to terrains on low specification devices.

Sneak Peak of PUBG Mobile 0.11.1 (What are the new changes in zombie mode update?) 

  1. You will see a Time limit with the event mode through which players will fight with zombies and also with bosses of Resident Evil 2.
  2. A new weather mode will be introduced that is moonlight with Vikendi.
  3. Players will get a new player space and this will be available where you can see all the information and connection.
  4. Player can also select friend with synergy 400 or more than that as partner to stand at your side with your space.
  5. You will see the Resident Evil 2 main menu along with themes and music.
  6. A quick match which is available in Sanhok in Arcade Mode.
  7. You can disable the shadows under setting menu.
  8. Results that you have made in past can be kept only for one month.
  9. Bugs will be fixing and also the budget services.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Latest Version (Going live from tomorrow 19th February 2019) 

  • Go to the Google Play App Store with your smartphone.
  • Type the words PUBG mobile in the search section.
  • Tap on the search option and select the PUBG mobile app in the list. Tap on the download option.
  • After the downloading has completed enjoy the PUBG mobile on your smartphone.
  • By setting up your account and selecting a player you are all set up.

Remember that PUBG mobile will run on a smooth WiFi connection and you will be able to set it up successfully with your smartphone with a cellular data also. It supported on Android 5.1.1 or above and your smartphone should have RAM atleast upto 2GB for the best experience. iPhone user will need an iOS 9.0 but not to forget it will work smoothly on iPhone 5s.

How to play PUBG

In the PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, you can join upto 99 players including yourself and on the other hand some servers will let you group together with your friends also. When you invite your friends for gaming party you will get few benefits also. The last player which will be left on ground or the only player if team alive in game will be announced as winner.


New zombie mode is tge bes possible thing that has ever happened to PUBG mobile app. Before the Sanhok map was rolled out, it is now attracting youth if the nation on a large scale.

Adding zombies to PUBG will give great boost to PUBG users.


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