If you are looking for safe, secure and best ethereum wallet 2018 option, then today we are going to end you search here. Be it paper wallet or hardware wallet or online you should trust only after experiment on it by yourself. All those who are investor in the cryptocurrencies are very well aware of the big show of Bitcoin in the market. Many reputed investors like Barren Buffet and number of economist have already declared it as a big Bubble still people are crazy about it.

There are various other cryptocurrencies that are also rising. One of these is Ethereum. It is preferred by many investors and business heads due to its nature, period of inception and security. Ethereum is ranked 2nd and is next to Bitcoin in the digital currency race with the market capitalization of more than $43,986,765,839 or $43 billion plus.

As we can see the growth of ethereum that started with merely $1 on January, 2016 is currently above $450. Hence there is a wider scope of Ethereum to grow. As with the growth of ethereum naturally the demand has also raised for more secured Ethereum Wallets.

What should any secure wallet comprise of?

  1. Private Keys
  2. User Friendly
  3. Community for Development
  4. Back-up & Security
  5. Compatible

If a wallet is having these 5 elements only then we can say that the wallet is secure and trustworthy. If the wallet is now having these many basic things means keeping our digital currency in the hands of thief. Our money is at risk and can give headache to us. So to keep Ethereum safe and secure here are few Ethereum wallets that we suggest you should use.

Best Ethereum Wallet 2018 available in market:

There are various types of wallets which can be used to secure our digital currency and they are listed as under.

  1. Ledger Nano S

One of the Ethereum Wallets is Ledger Nano S. this wallet is a hardware wallet and can be said invaluable in terms of safety. Ledger Nano S allows the owners to store Ethereum coins offline in a device and attach the same when in use. Here the owners can trust Ledger Nano S because whenever you want to transact with Ether, the device will ask you to Sign in using the Password or Private Key which is stored in the device. In Ledger you can store ETH and ETC currencies. This device is available in the market @ $65 but proves to be inexpensive to store your Ethereum.

One of the key features in Ledger Nano is that this Ethereum Wallet comes with a small OLED screen that make you keep a watch on it. The Ethereum wallet, Ledger Nano S is so secured that you can even use it with any Hacked Computer.

  1. Trezor

Next option in the wallet series to store your Ethereum securely is Trezor. Trezor is very handy, light and portable to use. However initially Trezor was invented to store Bitcoins but is can also be used as Ethereum wallet by MyEtherWallet web interface.

It uses a secure electronic chip which also stores Ether and will only be activated when you enter your Login password. For the customers it comes with 3 colour variants i.e. White, Grey and Black and costs $99.

  1. KeepKey

Another hardware wallet in queue is KeepKey wallet. This Ethereum wallet offers features equally same like the previous ones and also keeps your ETH in secure offline environment. The wallet has a larger display compared to all the three in the race. But the same comes with handful of flaws.

The wallet is a bit heavy to carry around and comes with a plastic body which keep your Ethereum at risk. However the Ethereum Wallet is always in demand to keep Ether safe. KeepKey wallet costs $120 for the ones who are wanting to purchase it.

  1. Exodus

Exodus is a Desktop Wallet which is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. The Exodus wallet is very attractive and the UI of the wallet is very impressive. Whenever we login to the wallet, the home screen shows a multicoloured Pie Chart of your entire investments. Exodus wallet is used as Ethereum Wallet and Exodus accepts 7 different currencies including Ethereum. Exodus is first of its kind to have in build Shapeshift for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

The main and most impressive thing is anyone can use Exodus Wallet free of cost. It is completely free. To use Exodus, the wallet needs a continuous internet connection. For safety, Exodus uses Private Keys for security and it never leaves your computer with network failure. The other impressive feature is that it gives one click Email Recovery and backup seed that recovers all the lost data from your wallet. Exodus wallet works on Mac, Linux and Windows to operate and it requires your Email for privacy.

  1. Mist

The official Ethereum Wallet for storing Ether wallet is Mist Wallet. Mist also comprises of in build Shapeshift for currency exchange. In terms of process this Ethereum wallet is very typical, as we install Mist in our computer it takes some time to install and synchronize with Ether nodes. After synchronization completes the display pops up and we need to set up a secure Password.

The users need to remember the password as there is no other way to access Mist wallet in case the password is lost. However this Ethereum Wallet is giving protection with the pair of Public and Private keys to perform safe and secure transactions. Even the security keys are stored in the device itself. Mist wallet is a desktop wallet which is very protected and safe to use.

  1. MetaMask

Another desktop wallet in the rage is MetaMask. This Ethereum Wallet is a bit different than others. It works like a browser to have an access on Ethereum network. It allows the users to store, receive, send, transact Ether and also gives freedom to use decentralized Ethereum apps.

The MetaMask wallet is password protected with Private Keys that are stored in the same device giving more safety to the Ether. The Ether wallet can be used in the browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome with extensions. Hence you can get a handy wallet and nice UI.

  1. MyEtherWallet

MyEtherWallet is a web wallet very simple to use. Using this Ethereum wallet, the users can have full control over Ethereum private keys. This wallet is an open source wallet with no interference of 3rd party servers and the account holders of MyEthereumWallet can write and access the smart contracts.

The highlighting factor of this wallet is that it has the inbuilt feature of BTC to ETH and/or BTC to ETH swapping feature. Even the Trezor Wallet or Ledger wallet users can connect their wallets with MyEtherWallet and can access their funds easily and safely. Users can download the extension from their Chrosme browser to access it.

  1. CoinBase

CoinBase, a well-known and internationally recognized web wallets. CoinBase wallet was previously used to transact and store Bitcoins but now it has included Ethereum also. This Ethereum Wallet is very cheat compared to others and a quick way to store your currency. But this wallet comes with a complication as it can be used by only those countries where using CoinBase Wallet is permitted.

Countries to use CoinBase exchange

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Finland
Greece Hungary Ireland Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Malta Monaco
Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal
San Marino Slovakia Slovenia Spain
Sweden Switzerland

Here is the list of countries that are able to use CoinBase Wallet. Another weak point in this wallet is you can’t control your private keys as they are in the hands of Host Servers.

  1. Jaxx

If you are investing and using Ethereum currency for purchasing and selling and is difficult for you to carry all these hardware or software then we have a very easy and handy option for you. Jaxx is a mobile wallet giving you a very impressive user interface, safety and privacy. Jaxx Wallet is introduced by a Canadian Company – Decentral and Jaxx supports 13 different cryptos.

The privacy keys are stored in your mobile device and gives you features like seed keys that enables us to restores our funds as and when required. Jaxx can be used on desktops like Windows, Mac or Linux. With web browsers using extension users can have an access on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. All travellers can use Jaxx Wallet on Android or Apple OS systems. Decentral is constantly working and updating its systems and advancing their systems to offer more safety.

  1. ETHAdress (Github Ethereum Wallet)

One other kind of wallet is ETHAdress. ETHAdress is a paper wallet where we can use open source project. Paper wallets are considered to be much secured as they are encrypted by Public and Private Keys. ETHAdress is a cold storage form and cheapest compared to any others.

Hence those who all are willing to have a long term stay in Ethereum are advised to use ETHAdress Wallet. These are the 10 best Ethereum Wallets cheap, easy to use and handy wallets giving you utmost safety and privacy to your digital currency.


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