Yes, you read that correctly. A French heater manufacturing company Qarnot has created probably the most creative use of Cryptocurrencies. The idea is to get the heat generated by the cryptocoin mining and then using it to provide heat to your house. The owner of the heater will get any coin that is mined in the process, and that allows them to reduce the cost of electricity and the unit.

Usually, the heat generated by the mining is not considered good, it reduces the hardware’s life but Qarnot decided to use the Crypto Heater QC-1 to take control of this heat and heat your house with it and meanwhile generating the Cryptocurrencies.

The model QC-1 has a two built-in Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 580G graphic Card and is totally free from fans. No noise comes out of it as it contains no Fan. 60MH/S energy is generated by it in hashing power also mining the Ethereum running at its full intensity by the integrated GPUs.

It is controlled by a phone application, you have the charge to control the coins that heater will mine, you can configure the address that the mined coins will be delivered to and finally the temperature you want to set for the room.

The QC-1 heater is currently available at 2900€ approximately 3600$. This can be quite expensive for some people though the price is compensated by the cryptocoins it generates. You can make approximately 120$ worth of Ethereum per month at the mining speeds offered by it but the mining rate will decrease over time because the mining difficulty will rise and therefore you’ll receive less and fewer coins every coming month.


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