Everything you need to know about British’s first cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN) Coin, Where to buy/sell Electroneum? & Electroneum Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020.

At present, we are all a part of the digitization that is taking place in the world. We can see now we are changing our systems and everything into digital contents. Similarly we are the live witness of the Bitcoin boom. Various coins are coming up and the recent 1 in this digital race is Electroneum.

We all may be thinking that as such there are more than 1000 existing cryptocurrencies in the present digital market and another one has come up. Well then friends we suggest you to read this article to the fullest to get the exact idea why Electroneum may help you. Yes, this coin will be a very useful exchange to us and especially the common man like us.

Coming to existence in 2017, the coin Electroneum has been made public by 14th September, 2017 by the founder of Electroneum – Richard Ells. After the Initial Coin Offering, the brand new coin was launched on 1st November, 2017 recently. So here we have gathered as much as possible information for our readers in this article.

Foundation of Electroneum:

The first official British developed cryptocurrency is Electroneum. With the launch of Electroneum on 1st November, 2017 the founder has also aired the mobile apps. With the mobile apps available on their android devices for free, the users can use it for mobile gaming, online gambling, and others. Not only this but the mobile app will probably the first ever user friendly crypto in the globe that has a wallet management in it and also allows the users to Mine Electroneum through it.

Electroneum is designed especially for the common man like us as said earlier. You may be wondering how? The answer is very simple. The founder saw that there are many entrepreneurs that has estimated the worth of digital currencies and has invested in it. But there are many of us who are not aware of certain terms like mining, opening wallets, transacting, blockchain, and most importantly the coins are lying with the ones who are having so much money. Hence for layman like us the founder has introduced the Electroneum.

This coin is for us and it is made so simple that one can buy, send and store Electroneum in just a mobile app. This app also allows the users a mobile gaming experience, and most importantly allows us to mine the coins. This is probably the world’s first digital coin app that is available for free and offers such many features to common man. In the initials the market cap of Electroneum was 21 million dollars and is rising.

Current Performance

It is not so long that the cryptocurrency market has taken up the world attention and a few cryptos has shown their performances. One of these performers is Electroneum. The coin has just entered the huge competition of digital fight of different currencies and from its birth it showed its worth. The currency is now leading explosively and growing high and high. Today the coin is ranked at 44th position overlooking rest of the coins backside and is still on its path to top ten. Number of experts belonging to this field well says that Electroneum has much potential and within next few months it is going to fly high.

Current Electroneum Price

History of Electroneum

The coin entered in the market just before a month or two. With the start of the currency till now the company has got more than 2.2 billion users all over. The coin has above 424629 registered users and till now are managed to raise 42058.31 Electroneums. Moreover the crypto allows the miners to mine the coins and increase the supply in the current market.

The coin is very simple to understand and with the help of the easy to use app even gives a kind of fine experience to use the coin. Backing to 2nd November, 2017 when the coin was listed and started trading to current price, we have listed all the details minutely in the next para. This will help you in having a detailed study of all of the things.

On 2nd November, 2017 the coin opened with the price of $0.094412 and managed to reach to $0.236234 USD. The volume of transactions stood at $2464330 USD respectively. Since then the coin has shown many fluctuations and is currently been transacted a lot.

Here is the table that shows the performance of Electroneum at present.

Cryptocurrency Electroneum
Market Capital $484298453 USD
Electroneum Price/unit $0.096908 USD
Growth Rate (past 1 month) 60.61%
Official Website electroneum.com

Note: The table shows the aggregate details available on 18th December, 2017 from various sources which may alter from one another.

Present State of Electroneum

As the above details says that the coin Electroneum started its journey one and half months back. But after the launch, the coin has seen the rise of more than 60% which in its own says that it has a huge potential to grow. Even looking at various data available, it is very much clear that the future of Electroneum is very bright. By the end of November, 2017, completion of 1 month of its market competition, the coin had been recorded at $0.043691 USD. This says that it grew with a huge pace.

Now it is the 2nd month of Electroneum and it ranks 44th in the coin market with the market capital is $484298453 USD and the growth of past 1 month is more than 60%.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 : 

We are aware that many individuals are desperate to know the future of this crypto introduced by Britain. As it is from the view point of investors, we have predicted the future prices of ETN coin and the fluctuations that may take place. Hence the viewers can find the expected opening price, closing price, changes in price, and the expected change of Electroneum. These details are jotted in the following tables which gives all the figures to the investors. The data and figures mentioned gives the details of the years 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively which will help the buyers and sellers to predict and plan the trading accordingly and more efficiently.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price Change
Electroneum predictions for 2018
January 2018 0.1155103 0.1424362 0.1129614 0.1458532 20.87 % ▲
February 2018 0.1386192 0.1680942 0.1386192 0.1715112 19.05 % ▲
March 2018 0.1642782 0.1924692 0.1642782 0.1971692 15.74 % ▲
April 2018 0.1917162 0.2245572 0.1917162 0.2245572 15.55 % ▲
May 2018 0.2292422 0.2476672 0.2220092 0.2549002 7.86 % ▲
June 2018 0.2497122 0.2758592 0.2494472 0.2805582 9.96 % ▲
July 2018 0.2751052 0.3126312 0.2751052 0.3126312 12.54 % ▲
August 2018 0.3092142 0.3331012 0.3053982 0.3382892 7.47 % ▲
September 2018 0.3335892 0.3584942 0.3328362 0.3639482 7.22 % ▲
October 2018 0.3656772 0.3926032 0.3631292 0.3960202 7.1 % ▲
November 2018 0.3887872 0.4164902 0.3887872 0.4216782 6.87 % ▲
December 2018 0.4169792 0.4490672 0.4162252 0.4490672 7.37 % ▲
Electroneum predictions for 2019
January 2019 0.4537512 0.4721762 0.4465182 0.4794092 4.02 % ▲
February 2019 0.4742212 0.4978342 0.4739562 0.5050682 4.87 % ▲
March 2019 0.4998792 0.5252722 0.4996142 0.5307262 4.96 % ▲
April 2019 0.5324562 0.5627982 0.5299072 0.5627982 5.52 % ▲
May 2019 0.5593812 0.5832682 0.5555652 0.5884572 4.19 % ▲
June 2019 0.5837572 0.6086612 0.5830032 0.6141152 4.18 % ▲
July 2019 0.6158452 0.6427702 0.6132962 0.6461882 4.28 % ▲
August 2019 0.6389542 0.6671462 0.6389542 0.6718462 4.31 % ▲
September 2019 0.6663922 0.6992342 0.6663922 0.6992342 4.79 % ▲
October 2019 0.7039192 0.7223432 0.6966852 0.7295772 2.6 % ▲
November 2019 0.7243882 0.7505352 0.7241232 0.7552352 3.55 % ▲
December 2019 0.7497812 0.7873082 0.7497812 0.7873082 4.85 % ▲
Electroneum predictions for 2020
January 2020 0.7838902 0.8077782 0.7800742 0.8129662 3.01 % ▲
February 2020 0.8082662 0.8339242 0.8075122 0.8386242 3.13 % ▲
March 2020 0.8331712 0.8706972 0.8331712 0.8706972 4.38 % ▲
April 2020 0.8672792 0.8891212 0.8634632 0.8963552 2.49 % ▲
May 2020 0.8911672 0.9165602 0.8909012 0.9220132 2.81 % ▲
June 2020 0.9237432 0.9540862 0.9211942 0.9540862 3.23 % ▲
July 2020 0.9506692 0.9745562 0.9468522 0.9797442 2.49 % ▲
August 2020 0.9750442 1.0071322 0.9742912 1.0071322 3.23 % ▲
September 2020 1.0118172 1.0340622 1.0045832 1.0374722 2.18 % ▲
October 2020 1.0302412 1.0584322 1.0302412 1.0631322 2.7 % ▲
November 2020 1.0576822 1.0905222 1.0576822 1.0905222 3.05 % ▲
December 2020 1.0952022 1.1136322 1.0879722 1.1208622 1.68 % ▲

Note: All the data and information provided is an expectation by the financial experts which may alter according to market uncertainty.

Where to buy Electroneum?

At present various exchanges have listed electroneum for buying however you need other cryptocurrencies because they are not selling it directly. First of all you need be a holder or other cryptocurrencies like ethereum and then after login with any of the exchanges listed below. After that transfer bitcoins from exchange wallet and buy electroneum using it. As soon as confirmation done for transaction, transfer bought ETN immediately to either hardware of offline wallets for safety. We will keep you updated with any other easy option available in future to buy electroneum with credit card or debit card. Meanwhile if you have any further queries then feel free to share it with other readers or with us, we will try to assist in the best possible manner to resolve it.

List of electroneum exchanges & online wallet: 

1. Cryptopia

Cryptopia, web exchange from New Zealand that is there in the market which allows the users to trade with more than 400 cryptocurrencies with no fees. The exchange allows the users to trade all over the world via auction or classified things. Cryptopia.co.nz is a market place where you can sell anything, anywhere anytime. All these comes with a 2 factor security which is very important in present days.

2. HitBTC

If you are looking for some authentic and trusted exchanges then HitBTC exchange grabs the deal. Dealing from 2013, the exchange is one of the most advanced exchanges using 2 factor authentication for security, charges merely 0.1% fees on every trade and also provides rebate of 0.1% of LP orders. The exchange is also well-known for keeping no limits on deposits and withdrawals and has most advanced REST API and FIX API. But similar to Liqui Exchange, Electronium has sent an application to HitBTC Exchange and is under process.

3. Liqui

The other option is Ukraine based cryptocurrency exchange called Liqui Exchange. It is a kind of unique exchange which gives the users the freedom to earn from the coins purchased, upto 0.066%. Account holders of Liqui can transact with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and altcoins; the fees is comparatively less. However the application is received to Liqui exchange by Electroneum for buying and selling of altcoins. So readers will have to wait until the crypto is granted the green signal.

Conclusion : Hence we can predict combining all the data that the coin is going to go much high and the investors that are looking to buy Electronuem for more than 1 year can definitely implement their decision. We assure that the decision of buying Electroneum will prove to be fair as the future of 1st British developed currency is going to show many wonders in the coming future.



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