Looking to invest somewhere and not able to narrow down to a particular coin? Fade up of BTC, XRP, ETH, XVG, STELLAR and other alt coins or finding solutions where to invest? Then this is the best place where you will get your answers. In this article we will share data of latest coin called Vibe Coin or Vibrate Coin. We will also share the Vibe Coin Price Prediction for 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively. Read the full article to get all the information.

Being an investor, what is tough, to manage money or think where to invest the money? Obviously, the answer will be where to invest the money. We have to think many factors such as the risk of coin, future growth of the coin, potential of the coin, available wallets to store the coin, prices of the coin and many other things. Even the price and craze of Bitcoin is falling down and there seems further low graph of the well-known coins such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Verge, Dash, Litecoin, Tron, and other altcoins having high market cap.

Even according to the statistics given by a financial expert who denied to share his name stated, “Here has been a downfall in the valuation of supreme cryptos and within 4 days have lost more than $150 Billions”. From the statements we can predict the near future of the crypto world. Hence we are always in search for a coin, a cryptocurrency block chain that is promising which we can trust and rely on. Finally we have got a coin called Vibe Coin.

What is Vibe Coin?

Based on Ethereum Blockchain Technology, Vibe coin is a crypto that deals with the digital gadgets. Like all the technology giants such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and other such companies are investing heavily in the AR and VR technology and are under process, the coin becomes a medium for live music etc. Here articles are ranked on their popularity online socially. The Vibe token are used to buy these music and have an access over it. In short the coin works like a ticket to enjoy the music and get entertained..

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VIBE Coin Price Today:


History of Vibe Coin

The coin made its trade on 25th September, 2017 with a small amount of $0.14 USD. Then for few successive months the coin was little volatile and showed a jumping graph. Again from the start of November, 2017 the price were plummeting to the grounds but 3rd week of December was the time the coin soared. It was now rising and New Year gave Christmas surprise with the graph going positive.

10th January, 2018 was the day for all the investors to get the reward. On that day the coin jumped over, starting early with $0.44 USD the coin when to when to the highest at $2.61 USD the same day. From this we can say that the coin is a rewarding scope for the investors to invest in. giving an advice to our readers, you must invest in Vibe coin as expectations says that by the end of 2018.

Where to buy VIBE Coin?

  • HitBTC
  • EtherDelta

Why the Vibe Coin will rise?

There are 3 reasons that portrays that the coin will surge. First is technology as transactions done through VIBE coin is based on ethereum blockchain which is also compatible with metamask and myst browser. Second is AWS cloud based server located across the globe with capacity to handle any number of users at a time.

Apart from this one of the unique feature VR/AR technology of VIBE coin will also make it future of transactions. In the past week, the coin appreciated by 261% making it reason to rise. In the last month the coin gained 97.035% and total change of 9,832% appreciation since inception is the reason for the coin to rise.

Vibe Coin Price Prediction

Now, we are very much sure that you will be desperate to invest in Vibe coin, isn’t it? But before investing any coin we should study some of the factors in deep to see the future of the coin. As well-wishers to readers who are trading in cryptos, we have predicted the Vibe Coin Price Predictions for 2018, 2019 and 2020. This will sure help our readers forecast the tomorrow of Vibe coin. Also to tell, these predictions are given by our financial experts who are very much deep in this field. So check the future prices of Vibe coin.

 VIBE coin Price Prediction 2018

Jan-2018  1.38 USD
Feb-2018  1.49 USD
Mar-2018  1.55 USD
Apr-2018  1.67 USD
May-2018  1.74 USD
Jun-2018  1.65USD
Jul-2018  1.79 USD
Aug-2018  1.93 USD
Sep-2018  2.04 USD
Oct-2018  2.29 USD
Nov-2018  2.47 USD
Dec-2018  2.83 USD

Vibe coin Price Prediction 2019

Jan-2019  3.05 USD
Feb-2019  3.27 USD
Mar-2019  3.43 USD
Apr-2019  3.59 USD
May-2019  3.75 USD
Jun-2019  3.89 USD
Jul-2019  4.02 USD
Aug-2019  3.95 USD
Sep-2019  4.15 USD
Oct-2019  4.31 USD
Nov-2019  4.59 USD
Dec-2019  4.87 USD

VIBE Coin Price Prediction 2020

Jan-2020  5.03 USD
Feb-2020  5.29 USD
Mar-2020  5.47 USD
Apr-2020  5.62 USD
May-2020  5.89 USD
Jun-2020  6.25 USD
Jul-2020  6.47 USD
Aug-2020  6.87 USD
Sep-2020  7.28 USD
Oct-2020  7.10 USD
Nov-2020  7.35 USD
Dec-2020  7.79 USD

Notice: So many readers are asking from where we coming with such numbers? Forecast of the prices are done based on statistics and we will keep updating at regular basis. Please note that predictions are meant to be assumed so we can’t guarantee about future because neither us nor you know what is going to happen in future. Thus, we advise that you should invest only after proper analyzing and thinking about future gains. 


Now you have to decide where to invest, the top listed cryptos with high price or the low priced coins which will rise in near future.



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