Storm Coin Price Prediction and Storm Coin Price Today : 

With heavy demand in the market governments of several countries have now permitted trading with digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies or altcoins, do to these, are soon going to replace the hard cash notes and coins that we have been using for centuries.

These altcoins come with various features that use blockchain technology and offers various features to the users. In return, the coin asks for a fee per transaction which varies with the complexity of the transaction.

From these altcoins, one is Strom coin which is unique from the list. Currently, the coin is ranked at 87th position and is constantly leveling up. At present, the price of Strom coin is valued at $0.044 USD. The coin is supported by various partners viz. Kyber Network, Bancor, Zencash, Otum and many others that strengthen this technology even more.

STORM Coin Price Today


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Hence the founding team and company have the ability to attract lots of investors who have invested their hard earned money in this technology. There are many other investors too including common people like us who are willing to invent in altcoins but are confused where to invest.

For you readers, I will share few details that will give you a clear idea about STORM coin and why to invest in STORM coin.

Positive points of Storm Coin

Supporting points related to STROM Coin are as under.

  • The coin at present is valued 4 times high from its inception.
  • In past, we graph has shown the growth of Storm coin which managed to reach $0.21 USD.
  • Now from few days, the coin is gaining more attention and value
  • One of the highlighting points is the transaction fees which is even lower compared to several others.
  • Presently available at very less price.

Negative points of Storm Coin

The flaws alongside Storm are also mentioned below, let’s have a look at it.

  • The coin has only once gone up, now going up slowly
  • Investors having long sight have a goof opportunity investing in STORM

Why should we invest in STORM coin?

Storm coin is one of the very good altcoins in the cryptomarket. Leading with the advanced technology the altcoin has much potential to overrule other altcoins in the competition. At present, there are 4,129,988,854 storm coins circulating in the market and the total supply will be 10,000,000,000 coins in the future.

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Looking at the graph, various websites and investor experts’ have given Storm price predictions for 2018. Few websites say the coin to reach the price band of $0.04 to $0.5 USD where we have even said that the coin will lose the value even down to $0.01 USD.

But for the investors advising and giving true Storm Price Prediction I feel is my responsibility and so is to maintain authenticity. So here are few possibilities that are likely to be an outcome.

Storm Coin Price Prediction

Possibility 1: I strongly recommend the readers and prospective investors to invest in STORM coin as it is going to again be valued at $0.2 USD to $0.3 USD. It is next to impossible for the coin to cross $0.35 USD. Another reason is that of huge Storm coins in supply.

Possibility 2: Another possibility that can arrive is the coin to lose its value further lower and go down to $0.01 USD and investors may have to lose their money from the technology. But somehow I feel this is a very stupid and fake possibility that is not possible.

Possibility 3: There are chances that the Storm coin will gain value and can be between $0.4 USD to $0.05 USD band. However, if 1st or 3rd possibility arrives then in both the cases the investors are going to be benefited.


This is a very good chance for the crypto investors to invest in the Storm altcoin and earn high profits. However, the possibilities mentioned above are predicted looking at various factors. For more details stay tuned to us and find more.

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