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Nowadays whole world is going crazy over cryptocurrencies and just a trend is firing up right now. It is called as POWToken or POWLite and founders are distributing free tokens just for early adoptions purpose or initial allocation users worldwide. However, this free POWlite claim is only limited to facebook and Twitter users so in today’s article we will share you the details of POWToken and how you can claim POWLite early adoptions free of cost.

POWToken Lite:

What is POWLite?

With main ambition to connect millions of users worldwide, POWLite is the non blockchain network based on ERC20 Token. This is totally different from others because two innovations such as users can directly make transactions via account and other is that all the users can claim it with global airdrop. Only limitation is that it will require 3rd party validation for FB and Twitter users. In future developers are hoping to that they will soon add other social media communities.

As POWLite token is free to claim all you need is just a valid FB or Twitter account team is in doubt that so many fake account holders try to take benefit of this and they can keep on creating fake accounts for free claims. To get rid of this threat, developer team will verify first that account must be less than 3 months old in order to get authorization and if you are pass in that then you will be able to claim your total 31937 POWLite instantly.

At first instant it looks like a scam and it is obvious that something fishy must be going out there because why would anyone give this much crypto free? Same questions raised by some of the crypto lovers in various crypto forums and share their views on that by calling POWLite Token as a big SCAM. To clear out doubts of their, let us clear that because there is no investment required for claim you can’t call it as a SCAM and this statement on a site is more than enough to differ the same.

“ has been created by five tech industry professionals with experience spanning both Blockchain and traditional centralised server world. We are not raising any money from an ICO and not seeking funding. None of the founders receive any salaries or expenses in relation to the POW project. The founders are sharing 6.83% of the total ERC20 POW being issued. In addition 1.50% of the total ERC20 POW issued is being allocated to Bitzza Limited which is a UK registered company, owned by the founders, which will cover the costs of operating the centralized databases and any other costs that arise”

So i can’t say about other but i have already claimed my POWLite and if you wish to claim yours then just go to and sign in with your either FB or twitter account. Moreover to that if you like to do a favor then feel free to directly click on the refer link given below of mine. Share your views on this and let other know your reviews on this.

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