Nowadays peoples from the globe have concentrated hardly on cryptocurrencies so do India. There are so many ways to buy bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin in India with INR but we have found some of the easiest and best ways so let’s get started. Get the best options to buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Web Wallet to store bitcoin, find fees, best services, securities offered by these Indian Exchanges.

Are you desperate to buy Bitcoin? Still, finding ways how to buy Bitcoin? Don’t worry read this article and get a full idea of what is Bitcoin and where to buy Bitcoin easily and instantly. This article will let you get access to Bitcoin instantly and that also in Indian Currency (INR) in India. Yes, read the article to get all the information.

Buy Bitcoin in India (INR) from Credit Card:

In the present article, we have listed a handful of Indian exchanges in which you can create an account instantly and can buy Bitcoins and start trading in Cryptocurrencies in India. We all are aware of the Bitcoin rise in 2017 and are still thinking of whether to buy Bitcoin or not. This is because we are not aware of what cryptocurrencies are and how to buy these cryptocurrencies.

To give you the easiest example then cryptocurrencies are like shares of various companies and trading of cryptocurrencies means trading of these shares in the stock exchanges. Hence cryptocurrencies are virtual shares that we trade in the cryptocurrency exchanges available all over the world. Now as you may have understood a basic of what is cryptocurrencies (virtual digital currency). Let us share with you various exchanges available to trade in India.

In India year 2017 is a benchmark for cryptocurrencies and many new exchanges have also come up providing the services of trading in digital currencies. So here we are listing the exchanges that secure, reliable, and allowing the trading of digital currencies in India.

Popular & Trusted Indian Exchanges to buy Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin :

Find the best and most reliable Indian exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin in India. These exchanges are providing most of the services similar to the international cryptocurrency exchanges.


First on our list is This is an exchange that is very dynamic and gives an option to trade in Indian Rupees. This website allows us to buy and sell Bitcoins in multiple ways, there are approximately 20 ways by which you can trade in Bitcoin. Yes, the most highlighting point is you can even buy or sell BTC in Cash or via PayTM.

Using this exchange, you can bid your price to buy or sell Bitcoins and so you can get the price to want. We found the prices of Bitcoin to trade in LocaBitcoins are a little higher but those who are not willing to come into the limelight have a very nice option. The exchange comes with high-security precautions, it has 2-factor authentication and the next level of authentication by default when the user logs in from a new device that is not registered in the records of LocalBitcoins exchange.

Hence those who are willing to trade in Bitcoins in multiple ways have a very nice option.


The other exchange that is based in India is the Unocoin exchange owned and regulated by Unocoin Technologies Private Limited which is based in Bangalore, India. The company started back in July 2013 is the first company to enter into the Bitcoin space. Currently, the company is having a customer base of more than 1.5 lakhs and is still progressing.

The Unocoin exchange is a very developing exchange that charges a very minimal amount of fees and allows the users to trade using its portal. There are no fees to send Bitcoins to any Unocoin ID and charges from 0.0005 to 0.0009 BTC when accepting any BTC, now the fees are changed dynamically. When any user is registered and starts trading, the exchange charges 0.7% of the amount and after the period of 60 days (minimum), the charges are revised to 0.5%.

Moreover, this exchange is a plethora of features which is the most impressive thing. There are a number of features such as you can start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to invest in Bitcoin, the User Interface which is very attractive and easy for the beginners, Over the Country (OTC) Trading, auto selling of BTC, 2 step authentication and much more.


The other latest entry taken in the crypto exchange world is Koinex. This exchange is having a very nice and clean user interface. Those who are willing to instantly buy or sell the cryptos are welcomed here at Koinex. If you want to invest in cryptos at an instance then you have to undergo the KYC process and Koinex does the KYC within 24 hours to 48 hours at max. and then you can start trading.

From this exchange, the users can trade in BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, and LTC. Hence we have 5 currencies to trade in. moreover we found that the prices are comparatively very high and one can find it a little expensive to trade using this exchange. Here is the table of fees charged by Koinex.

# Deposit Withdrawal
Bitcoin Free 0.001 BTC
Ethereum Free 0.003 ETH
Ripple Free 0.02 XRP
Litecoin Free 0.01 LTC
Bitcoin Cash Free 0.001 BCH
Indian Rupees (INR) NEFT/IMPS Free
(Minimum Deposit Rs.2000)
Indian Rupees (INR) Payment Gateway 2% —-

Still, the entrant has captured quite a big market with the instant service and easy-going works.


The well-known and most used exchange is Zebpay. This exchange is very popular among the traders and one can have access to Zebpay using a mobile phone. If you are looking to have access over BTC instantly then Zebpay is the best option. You have to open the account in it and have to complete the KYC and verify the account by uploading Aadhar details, PAN details, Bank account details and verification of Email.

After that you can transact BTC with various vouchers of popular websites such as Amazon, CCD, Flipkart, Pizza Hut, and many others. Not only this, but the app also enables the users to pay their Telephone bills, recharge DHT, and very soon Zebpay will also allow users to make payments of your Broadband services. they are constantly developing their service range and making the use of Bitcoin the most with the easiest ways.


Next in our list is CoinSecure exchange. We have got many mixed reviews about CoinSecure exchange. The exchange offers many features but the same is not so user friendly. All those who are willing to open an account have to follow the KYC verification and after that only they are allowed to trade. After the account is open you can trade Bitcoins legally in India.

Though the exchange is not so user friendly but it gives lots of features and benefits to the professional users. Recently they even have launched an android app to ease the Bitcoin trading for the users. They have also started a YouTube channel for the beginners to learn about cryptos.


Another exchange in the race is Coindelta. The exchange is said to be one of the best exchanges offering many features. Coindelta gives 24*7 support to the users and features the faster settlement technology and we can withdraw the amount through IMPS, NEFT, RTGS and other payment gateways.

Here you can trade in multiple crypto coins such as ETH, BTC, LTC and many of such kind with INR. The exchange is doubtlessly very impressive with the performance which can process 50 orders to 500 orders in just 1 second. Even the fees of Coindelta is considerably low and we have listed it below.

# Symbol Deposit Fee Withdrawal Fee
Rupee INR 20/2.065% 20
Bitcoin BTC Free 0.001 BTC
Bitcoin Cash BCH Free 0.001 BCH
Bitcoin Gold BTG 0.0001 BTG
Ethereum ETH Free 0.001 ETH
Litecoin LTC Free 0.002 LTC
OmiseGo OMG Free 0.1 OMG
Qtum QTUM Free 0.01 QTUM
Ripple XRP Free 0.01 XRP

You can rely on Coindelta and can start trading from today itself.


One of the reliable, easy to use, secured and instant exchanges is Coinome exchange. The exchange is just new in the exchange world but it uses the most advanced technologies and eliminates the wastage of time like others do. They use the E-KYC method used by the telcos and instantly your KYC verifications completes.

They have a very friendly user interface which can even be used by any beginner and can learn. With simple policies the exchange charges the fees from the users. We have listed the table for the same as under.

Deposit Fees Withdrawal Fees
Indian Rupees (INR) Free Free
Bitcoin (BTC) Free 0.001 BTC
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Free 0.001 BCH
Litecoin (LTC) Free 0.005 LTC


As we have seen quite a few exchanges that are allowing the users to trade from India and with multiple payments methods. This will enable us to trade easily and quickly, so start buying and selling Bitcoins and start earning.


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