Globally, Apple is considered as the most prized company and perhaps the most cherished brand. And even a machine that prints money to the tune of $215B in 2016.

The iPhone and iOS

The iPhone’s contribution is largest in Apple’s revenue, 69.4% of (Q1 2017) and truly speaking, the iPhone is the connection with customers i.e. the driver of iTunes, the App Store, AirPods, accessories, means everything. This gives rise to would-be problems.

How blockchain beats Apple

As 80% of revenue comes from hardware, Apple has the minimum threat by blockchain. In the Apple’s closed network, there may be issues with decentralized apps and token economies. The major inferences focus on iOS and the App Store.

iOS + the App Store

Apple is exactly the opposite of decentralization. A future of dApps constructed on a decentralized blockchain may produce a dreadful picture for Apple. Monetization is an evident issue. How could the charging users be defended by Apple to download freely distributed and open-source apps? I do not expect a sound ending and as App Store brings in $8.6B every year, it is extremely important for Apple.

It has helped iOs to grow on Android, taking 75% more revenue as compared to Google Play regardless of the difference in downloads, however in a future based on blockchain that revenue perhaps goes away. Apple is not sociable with outsiders and control is very dear to them. I doubt whether Apple could be more developer and also user-friendly in a sphere of open-source.

The fact is that Apple reduces the speed of your old iPhone while unveiling a new one and this implies that they are exploiting everyone’s craze for a smartphone. Until now, even customers were given a false impression regarding the improvement of iPhone parts. All are unaware that the batteries of iPhone were exchangeable. There is no company so much attentive on secrecy becoming accustomed to blockchain-based applications and transparency.

As customers store cryptographic assets directly on their mobile devices, the fact that Apple has improved security than their Android counterparts would be even more important. It may be a great success if Apple acclimates but if not then it may hasten their ruination, particularly as mostly everything rests on the iPhone network.

Closing thoughts

A constantly changing and the fascinating world has been built by the blockchain technology.

Although many ICOs has promised everything on earth, but in reality very little has been completed or executed. According to me, in the long run, we are directed for an approaching crypto winter in which teams build, markets crack and those who are strong enough will survive.

Making the crowd weak may benefit the community, falsifying tougher teams and bonds in the middle of blockchain network and devs. Timeline and scale are the big questions that have to be answered. Crypto fans claim Bitcoin and blockchain are the finest things, but their performance will speak everything.


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