Gluon (GLU) has stated that its first ICO would be on Stratis just a while ago, and it is going to be a great deal because Gluon is expected to upset the automotive industry. Gluon’s intention is to offer total control of the vehicles to their owners by joining them with the manufacturers, traders involved in spare parts and others involved in this industry. But, this is not so important, what is to be considered is the fact that GLU launched on Stratis (STRAT). The reasons are:

The first reason is that Stratis is mainly planned to manage all types of complicated applications, and this will be acute for Gluon. All will agree that it is very difficult to develop an application that will connect vehicles to various dealers in the auto industry. So by introducing an ICO on Stratis, Gluon without any disputes will be placed to launch compromising its value to the users.

Hence, it will be an advantage for this ICO to launch on Stratis (STRAT), and also a surety for its success. Secondly, the dispute of scalability is also a reason to be considered. All know that because of the issue of scalability, Ethereum has been beset for some period.

This will be a limitation for big projects like Gluon (GLU). This venture has been moored in the auto industry that is growing year rapidly.

Gluon will require a smart contracts blockchain, which is extremely scalable and also efficient, for its effective working. So it’s launching on Stratis will be a key factor in this venture. It can stretch to any facet of the auto industry and even gage it without any rise in the price of the GLU token.

This would not happen if GLU would have been launched on the Ethereum platform, as there is scalability problem, so the team would either compromise on application security or on transaction costs.

When security is considered, Stratis (STRAT) has the finest security features in the sphere of smart contracts. It is planned to show the security of bitcoin which is considered to be the most secure cryptocurrency in the market. Its launching on this platform will surely eliminate the chances of users getting hacked and their data being stolen. This application has been designed specially to control critical aspects like the security of vehicles and if this becomes an issue, users will escape and the project will be a failure.


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