Despite of current crack down in Bitcoin Price, Mr. John Mcafee, founder of Mcafee software company and expert of cryptocurrency market is very optimistic and said that cryptocurrencies will become an omnipotent form of money transfer nearly in five years. He was spotted in a cruise during the Asia Blockchain Conference Phuket, Thailand organized by CoinsBank.

He is quite sure about his recent statement and still saying that if bitcoin price doesn’t hit to $1M within 2020 then he will still eat his own D**K!!  Apart from this he stated that in five years, half of the people around the globe will be using cryptocurrency and half that doesn’t will probably don’t have access to internet or smartphone.

This conference was boarded more than 1000 participants from 50 different countries which included more than 100 Russian ICO’s with hope to raise fast cash for their new emerging companies by attracting investors.  Mark Space, a Russian company is one of the unique ICO that is looking for crypto investors during this conference.

Co-founder of Mark Space, Denis Polulyahov said that they are offering users an easily-customizable 3D virtual reality platform to develop and showcase their ideas or products. With the help of this, they can easily build virtual spaces, he said.

People on the cruise were hoping for price surge in Bitcoin during this conference but they seen unwelcome dip in BTC. According to Bloomberg, when the journey of cruise started Bitcoin was priced at $13500, but when cruise reached at Thailand bitcoin plummeted to $10000.

However this fall didn’t affect those hundreds of blockchain followers who attended the event and also have optimistic views for its bright future like Mcafee. Mcafee is so hopeful that he has promised to eat his own meat if by the year 2020 One Bitcoin isn’t priced at $1M.



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