Is Nano (NANO) about to list on Coinbase?

In the previous few weeks, there is a huge decrease in the crypto market, with nearly $100 billion being removed from the investment. There is one coin that has met with a great price rise, when the whole market was facing a downfall and that is Nano (NANO).

Nano’s Zack tweeted that he would meet Coinbase’s, Gary Tan and from this meeting a lot of information can be interpreted. This can be said to be responsible for the present situation of the market. Some feel that Nano is going to be added on Coinbase.

One of the main supports of Coinbase is to implement such a gateway, so that the platform becomes more accessible to the investors but, many people are unaware of this.There are no transaction fees in the Nano, it is scalable and has a good transaction speed, so Nano is able to achieve this. It will prove to be a perfect addition to the Coinbase exchange and the current price rise in Nano signifies that Coinbase is gathering this coin to introduce it on the platform.

When Coinbase was planning to introduce bitcoin cash on their platform, the same thing took place, Bitcoin cash price and volumes raised significantly. If the same thing is going with Nano, then surely its price will also rise after the official announcement is made.

There is even such news saying that Zack might have met with a C-level i.e. the chief officer from JP Morgan. Nano will then be taken up by one from among the biggest banks on the earth as a payment gateway, if this type of news is true. Ripple (XRP) also is looking for the same market, but Nano is far better than XRP.

Talking about transaction fees then nano is costly while ripple is somehow cheap and in terms of transaction speed Nano is the winner for sure but the fact that Nano is decentralized makes it superior. So over the globe, JP Morgan might be trying to charm more customers who are in search of a decentralized pattern of making payments. More in common, the main object of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is to capture the power from the centralized bodies.

It can be said that Nano is having a bright future, so if it is included to Coinbase, then surely there will be rise in its volume creating a pressure on the Coinbase customers to buy. This in turn will make the prices go higher and higher. Nano will reach the moon, if the prices are rising because of its merging into the JP Morgan system. Joining with JP Morgan will add to the profile of Nano, providing a reason for other banks to adopt Nano.

So it is the right period for the investors to buy and hold Nano, and in approaching time it will reach $20 giving fancy returns to the investors.


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