Why books are our best friend ? Is must read article for all book lovers. From centuries books has become internal part of our life. Why ? In this article we have mention eight main reasons of it. 

Feeling lonely?
Feeling rejected?
Feeling bored?
Feeling unwanted?
Feeling cheated?

If you are passing from any experience of above mention any situation or circumstances, the possibilities might be that you have some bitter experiences of your any near & dear one. Who, despite of your all the efforts could not behave as per your expectations.

No problem, there are thousands of souls like you existing in this universe, and they have found their best friend in the form of Book. There is nothing wrong to keep books as your best friend.

preschool boy reading book with his  parents

There are numerous benefits to keep books as your best friend.

Some of them,

First, While you keep company of books as a your close or best friend, you don’t have to worried about your violation of privacy and secrecy because since books are being dead it cannot tell anybody your secret and without any fear you can live your life as it is. No matter how much ugly secrets of life you have disclose in front of books, you are rest assured that your secret will remain secret forever. Like you live friend it will never blackmail you, it will never threaten you, it will never misuse you or your secret.

Second, books  can become your best friend because it does not need anything from you, book is non demanding kind of friend, if you have live friend, who always demand something from you, if it is not tangible or material than it may be intangible or immaterial but somehow your friend always demand something and worst part, the demand never ends, but keeping a book as your friend, you never ever have to be worried about it, because book does not demand anything from you.

Third, book is your twenty four hours or day and night companion kind of partner and whenever and in whichever condition or situation you need support it remains available and at night if you feel lonely take your book on your hand and start to read,your loneliness will vanish,  during journey you feel bored and wants to spend some quality time with someone, just take your favorite book out of your bag and start to read, your book and you will have a nice, memorable and most enjoyable company.

Fourth, Got transferred in some remote places? do not know anyone? How to kill the time? How to know geographical knowledge of that area, what are traditions or culture of that area? How to be friendly with unknown? These are the typical questions we all have in our mind, when we are in unknown places and do not know to whom should we asked, no problem, you have your best companion named ‘Book’ is  available at your service, surrender yourself completely to your most reliable friend and you will get almost all the answers.

Fifth, You have great desire to travel all over the world, you want to see each and every great monuments, great heritage site, wonders of the world but do not have time, have time but do not have money, have money, have time but due to some unavoidable circumstances unable to travel and still wants to see the world, still wants to feel the world, still wants to explore the world, still wants to enjoy the world, still wants to experience the world. No problem, your best companion is available, just take the book of that subject and entire world will be open in front of you, without going to that particular place, without going to that particular site, without visiting that particular area you can view it, you can experience it and you can explore it from someone’s narration along with some stunning and splendid photos.

So, book can help you to travel to the farthest places of earth.

Sixth, Books are hidden treasure. Money, Gold, Silver, Gems, Jewelry etc. are tangible treasure which has fix value at a fix point of time, and it fluctuates from time to time depending upon the economic condition of particular nation and economy of the world.

But books are ocean of treasure, it is full with all the precious commodity, whatever you ask from it, you get it, best part is, it never lose its value, the wisdom, the prudence provided in books are remain evergreen, no matter how many times you have used the ideas of it, it never get old, it never get obsolete, it never diminishes it’s worth.

And if one good pearl of wisdom, if one gems of any sound advice given in books used properly, it certainly changes the life of the person, and the person becomes much more wealthier in terms of knowledge, in terms of wisdom.

Seventh, Books can swing your mood. No matter what is current status of your mind but if you want to swing your mood for next level, use the power of books. If you are sad and gloomy, feeling depressed, feeling frustrated ? No matter, pick up any book written by some good author in humor category, and it will immediately swing your mood from gloomy to glorious. It is the power of well written books that immerse you in to the atmosphere in that genre.

Eighth, Books are your inexpensive friends, because, only once you have to invest in it. Once you bought any good book, rest of the life you can utilize it, no matter how many times, you use it, it hardly charges anything extra from you, it hardly demands any maintenance charge, it hardly occupies your precious space, and it hardly demands any attention from you.

Conclusion :

From centuries mankind have collected true wisdom & prudence from various books written by various great person of that era. No doubt, external portion of book has got tremendous makeup from time to time from soft bound to hard bound, from paper back to electronic back or rather popularly known as a Ebook, but the internal value still remains the same. Joy of reading, Wisdom of some great person, Experience of someone’s entire life are still giving the same pleasure which books used to gave from centuries.

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