Fine, Good, Well Done, Excellent, Congratulation!! You have completed your studies. End of the glorious & joyful days of education.Now You are welcome into the world of professional parade. And beginning of this world starts with writing resume.Your first and most important contact  or in other word encounter with professional world.

Resume,Bio data, Application or popularly known as CV (Curriculum Vitae) (Though each category by and large differs) is your entry pass to enter in to any organization. Without that entry-pass you cannot enter into the professional world. (Provided you have personal relation with someone related to the organization.)It means your resume works as an intangible personality in front of concern person.  So, if, your resume works as a front door entry, don’t you think that we should pay maximum attention to avail the major benefits of it? Yes, it is very much essential.  But do we really know how to prepare resume, so it can get the maximum mileage? The answer, mostly confusing. Obviously it is our first attempt and we cannot expect it 100% perfect. But, the good news is that by keeping below mention tips in mind you can minimize the error level. Below mention tips are very much common in nature but than also it is significant. It covers all important points but, do not claim to be full & final.

How to Write a Resume :

1. It should be moderate in size

Your resume should be moderate in size. It should not too lengthy or too short. Remember you are writing or preparing the resume, not memoirs of your life. Since you have recently came out from your college obviously you don’t have years of experience of professional life, so your resume can cover most of the information related to you in at the most two pages. Anything above two pages is considered as a lengthy.

2 It should cover all necessary information about you

Your resume provides glimpse of your professional as well as your personal life history to the concern person (HR, General Manager etc.)   So provide all the useful & required information to them. Useful  information like your complete name, address, telephone no., Mobile no., your birth date, your educational qualifications, your experience, your knowledge of various languages, your email address, your hobbies. Etc. This part of the resume should provide all information related to your background. So, from the basic information only HR could decide whether you are shortlisted or not? Suppose, if an age limit is applicable for specific job, your birth date is utmost important, from it only HR could decide your eligibility.

3. It should be error free

While preparing resume make it sure to keep it error free. Error related to the language & grammar are very commonly found in CV. Take enough care; check all the necessary details with great scrutiny and try to avoid error. Spell the Company name, Concern person name his/her designation properly. Address them accordingly.(If you are addressing it to male Dear sir & if female Dear Madam is preferable address) If you providing any figures in your CV recheck it (Like your birth date, years of college, contact No. etc.)

4. Attest all the necessary documents

Attest all the necessary documents along with your resume. Documents like your university mark sheet,  certificates, proof of birth date, proof of your valid residence proof, your photo are some of the common documents required. So, don’t forget to attest it, it helps employer to verify your information. If you submit Xerox copies of each document it should be clear to view, readable and it should be notified by some competent authority.

5. Provide reliable references

If your employer has asked about the references to whom he can contact. Provide some reliable references that are known to you, who can give frank opinion about you. Do not forget to inform to your references about it, so, when HR person approach them they should not caught off guard. If possible, try to provide some professional references instead of your family members, relatives or friends. Because employer tries to judge you from the professional point of view not from relatives angel. So, professional references creates sound impact. And most of the times they give frank opinion about you.(Depending upon your past track record with them)

6. Always attest your latest photo

Do not attest your old photo :  do not attest your group photo, do not attest your picnic photo but attest photo in professional attire only. Because especially in front desk, receptionist, Public Relation Officer, Counselor,  Air hostess  and many more types of job like these they prefer person with pleasant personality, charming & good looking and it is prerequisite condition for job. So prefer to attest most recent photo.

7. Try to make your resume as professional as possible

While preparing resume avoid childish, premature behavior. How? Use the proper font, font size should be normal, Do not make it colorful etc. avoid all the unprofessional behavior.

8. Now a day’s most of us use computer to prepare resume but many a times specific organization with specific job requirements demands hand written resume. In that situation prepare your resume with readable handwriting.

9. At the end of the resume do not forget to write something worthwhile which clearly expresses why you are most suitable, eligible & appropriate candidate for the said post. Suppose if you are applying for the marketing related job, express clearly that you are willing to travel extensively, Like to meet new people, unafraid to land into unknown territory frequently. Do not hesitate to sleep in hotel & habituate to eat food from outside.

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  1. It was really a more valuable blog for freshers and job seekers, By following the above steps will help to prepare a perfect resume.


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