How to Get Noticed at Workplace

Most of us (I am talking about the full time working professionals-who works in office) spend our maximum time in our office or workplace. Slowly & steadily, it becomes our second home and many a times in year or month we just goes to our home for sleeping.

So, in that situation it becomes very much essential for us to create our own unique image at work place. If you are really interested to stuck with the organization for longer period of life, it becomes very much vital for you to create that sound image in front of your seniors, juniors and all concern person. Because now a day’s dramatic change has come in corporate world, previously your technical sound knowledge, year’s experience, relationship with owners, loyalty towards the organization were the biggest parameters to get you promoted, moving ahead in your career. But in modern times the scenario has completely changed.

I don’t say the above mention criteria  has lost it’s validity or importance, but now, while evaluating employees, instead of keeping one strong point in mind emphasize is on overall personality of candidate. So, it becomes utmost important to develop or create unique image at work place which noticed by everyone around you. The unique image which not only help you to grow more professionally but also in personal life too.

Prime question comes how one can create such unique image at work place? The simple answer lies in the usage of common sense and sharp observation. You may surprised to read this but it is absolutely true. If you apply your own common sense you too can develop unique image. How?

Usage of common sense :

(1)  Everyone wants cheerful person around them

  • Be cheerful and jovial person by nature, remember everyone is occupied with their own grief, sorrow, tragedy and misery of their own life and need some cheerful person around them to escape from their own misery, Be that person, spread happiness, cheerfulness among those cursed soul and believe me, you will be star person of that organization.

(2)  Be good listener

Always resist the temptation of counter argument, cross argument. First of all, listen to the speaker with complete attention and full concentration. Many a times you may found that by listening to someone you can wipe out their half of the problems. Because no one is listening sympathetically  is in itself many a times problem for many of them.

(3)  Respect people

In your organization there are, if not thousands but hundreds of people working, respect them accordingly. Someone is much more experienced than you, someone is much more senior than you, someone is much more elder than you. So remember all the social protocol on mind and use it with your common sense.

(4)  Be helping hand to those who need you

Always be ready to help your colleagues in their difficult times of professional life. If someone is in a badly need of leave if you can be reliever to him, be it. If someone is unable to meet his deadline for particular projects and if you can provide him extra helping hand,do it.

(5)  Take genuine interest in their life

Remember that you spend almost all your awaken days with your colleagues so take genuine interest in their life and be supportive, sympathetic whenever need arise.


Sharp observation means through study of your nature of profession. Every industry has some specific requirements and if you completely understand the requirements of that industry, you can become star person at your work place. Now let me explain it through example. Suppose if you are working in hospitality industry. Obviously, your job requirement would be great customer service but for that if you acquire some communication skill, knowledge of different language, deep understanding of human psychology, what makes people happy/sad,  etc. Believe me it would not only make you popular among your subordinates but also in customer .

Keep all the above points in mind and from today onward make conscious efforts to make them your part of the nature and see the difference in very short span of time. Wish you all the best. If you have some other points of view please write me. Do not forget to post your comments.

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