OUR family & our job, occupation, business or profession consume major part of our of life. Do agree that we don’t have option to choose our family, this is what, we inherited, whatever we have, we have to manage with it. But career is one area where we do possess right to choose it. So, why should not avail the benefit of choice.

Selection of career is a major decision of our life, if we choose it wisely it gives immense pleasure, each moment of our work gives feeling of fulfillment but if we mistaken to choose it wrongly, each moment of work gives us the feeling of boredom & for that decision throughout the life we curse our self, regret the decision or till the moment we alter the decision.

There are many factors attached with career selection

1.Our natural inclination : If we closely observe our mind from childhood, surprisingly there are many things which we like to do from that tender age. Suppose we like to read a lot it shows our academic interest. If we like to write – it shows our interest in it. So, what I mean to tell is that there are many things which we like to do from childhood, if we continue doing it later stage of our life or adult age chances are that we can develop wonderful career out of it. So, first step towards choosing career, analyse your like & dislike clearly & try to conclude something logical out of it.

2. Do not follow your friend : The common tendency found among youngsters is that ‘my best friend choose particular career so let me choose it, so I can avail the benefit of his/her company’. Do agree choice based on this parameter provide you ample opportunity to have a company of your best buddy,but it is entirely wrong idea. Such a life altering decision, where your entire future is at a stake, should not be taken on someone’s chosen path. There are many ways to get the company of your near & dear one for that you don’t have to choose particular course of action,Job or profession.

3. Before final decision take your own sweet time to decide : There are many of us who cannot decide what to choose as a career or profession in our life during initial years, OK ,there is  no need to be panic or frustrated about it, because still you have not found your niche, do explore, do experiment as many option as possible. Keep your choice wide open, observe your mind carefully and see what you like and what you dislike.From that experiment, from that experience  one day you will reach at the decision, so don’t be frustrated till that moment. Wait & watch is the name of the game that you have to play tactfully.

4. Keep your mind open about all the option : During your education and afterwards also keep your mind wide open,  first of all decide what you want from your life, are you interested in being businessman ? Are you interested to be salaried person ? Are you interested to work as a a freelancer? How you view the money? likewise there are many crucial questions which needs to answered properly.Depending upon the answers you can choose your career. Second, during this phase observe people closely and study their profession & lifestyle associated with it, you will have a fair idea of it. The person who wants to built-up his/her career in glamour world (actor,actress, model) cannot escape from constant public watch on his personal & professional life)

4. Research thoroughly : During the early years of your life or during your education there are many areas which fascinates you to built up the career around it, So instead of impulsive jumping on this particular project or idea, study it carefully & if possible spend some time as internship in that particular profession and then onward make big decision or choice. Suppose If you have flair of travelling and if you choose job as a travelling salesman, chances are that after initial thrill and enjoyment it becomes headache to travel every fortnight and later on it may possible you regret your decision.

5. Listen to your heart : To choose career is a battle between head & heart, because there are many vocation,profession,jobs which you want to do, which you like to do or make it as a your livelihood but somehow it is not conventional, it may not be worthy from financial point of view, It may be socially unacceptable, it may be too risky, it may dislike by your family members, too much expense associated  with it  like wise  many more problems associated with it hamper your decision. Suppose being a girl if you want to be a porn star or pole dancer consider above mention criteria and imagine how much difficult it would be  to pursue your that dream. Though there’s will there’s a way.

6. Use internet effectively : We are living in such a wonderful era of human life that whatever information we want, it is available on internet, so use it wisely. If you are really interested in particular career but bit confused about it, do not worry. Set yourself in front of your PC and whole world of information opens around you, as you are sailing in the ocean of information and choosing your fish.

7 . Take advice & guidance from elders,well wisher & professionals : Our elders, our well wishers, our family members also some times can become useful guide to decide about career, because from childhood many of them know us very well, they have fair idea about our personality related traits & vices, they are  quiet familiar with our strength ,our weakness, so whenever choose particular career option, discuss with them, take advice from them, have a guidance from them & think thoroughly about the feedback provided by them & if you feel the feedback provided by them is really noteworthy accept it wholeheartedly and if possible alter the course of action either improving upon the feedback  area or changing the career, which ever you feel worthwhile. Suppose from childhood you are less interested in study,don’t have a flair of reading, concentration problem & despite of all these you choose some career option which demand this quality at a great extent, at that time it is your near & dear one can guide you in proper manner & in a best position to explain the problem associated with it. So, there is nothing wrong to take advice from them ultimately they are our near & dear and at the end of the day they want to see us successful.

8. Have a aptitude test : Now a days, aptitude test, Career test, personality test, psychometric test has become common phenomenon before choosing the career option and there is nothing wrong in it because it gives you at least some  brief  idea about your mind pattern and which direction it will headed in future so use it properly. Although it is not fool & final parameter to decide your career but no harm to try it.

9. Do not hesitate to back off your decision : At any point of time you feel that you have committed mistakes while choosing the career, don’t ashamed to accept it. Slowly & steadily start to think about  how to come out of it, prepare short term & long term plan to change it. Suppose if you are investment banker but you like writing or say photography & it is your inner calling, do not suppress that inner voice but try to find out practical ways & means to turn yourself photographer or writer from investment banker. Plan suitable strategy about it. Follow it step wise.

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  1. I like point #4 – research. After all, this is something you will be doing for the rest of your life, be sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Talk to other professionals, parents of friends, social networks, local businesses.


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