Worried About Job Interview ? Then don’t worry here we have provided you some of the basic tips to reduce mentally stress which is helpful to get ready to face interview without keeping any kind of fear in your psyche.

Unemployment has become common problem, faced by millions of youth throughout the world. After completing  soft, caring and tension free education world, youth enters into the world of harsh realities. The familiar atmosphere of college campus, hanging with friends without any specific motives, countless hours spent in the college canteen becomes distance dream. All of sudden, the world seems completely changed, day after day tension of earning, career building, started to mounts on the head and endless circle of searching the job becomes the order of the day.

And after lots of efforts you landed job interview.You are exited, you are nervous, isn’t it the common feeling felt by many of us? Yes, it is, but my dear friends remember that this is not the time of neither being nervous nor exited.Because you have only landed job interview not real job. But converting  this job interview into real job is absolutely on your hand depending upon your preparation. Many of you may think that what kind of preparation one should do before attending job interview? So, dear friends for your benefit, here, I am presenting some important points, keep it in mind & prepare accordingly and believe me success is yours.


1 Review the job description.

We are living in the world full of information, there are thousands of avenues from where job seekers can get the information about various jobs and vacancy available in the market but all of them are not suitable for us, so first step towards getting the job is review the job description or profile and analyze yourself whether you are suitable for the job or not ? whether you have natural flair for doing the job? suppose if you are not interested in extensive traveling, do not like to meet new people, afraid of achieving the sales target, and despite of all these weakness you work in marketing field you are bound to be fail. So, while going through the interview review the job description thoroughly and prepare accordingly.

2. Research the company.

You applied for the job, you got interview call and now heading towards the attending interview but stop for a while instead of going haphazardly to face the interview research about the company. There are many sources from where you get the information about the company first- Website of the company, Second-through newspaper, magazines or any other print media, Third- from the internal sources of the company. Acquire the complete knowledge about company, specific industry and relevant information, the more prepared you seems to interview panel the more your chances of hiring.

3. Common interview questions and how to answer it.

In any given interview there are many common questions like….Tell me something about yourself is most commonly asked questions in any interview, so prepare this answer thoroughly. By this question interviewer tries to analyze your many skills first of all he notice about how you express yourself, second he tries to judge your communication and language skill, third he wants to know about yourself, your family members and your surroundings so give answer of this question shrewdly and in smart manner.

4. Have Copies of Your Resume and a Job Application Boilerplate Ready.

Prepare your Resume with great care and details, because before attending the interview face to face first of all it is your resume makes or breaks your image, so take great care in preparing your resume. Resume should not too much lengthy or too short but it should be moderate in size anything between one to two pages resume is suffice. Resume must contain all the necessary details required by the employer likewise your full name, address, contact number, date of birth, education, experience, hobbies. Please do not forget to mention any extracurricular activities or achieved something significant, these all credentials creates good sound impression of yours in front of the interviewer.

5. Don’t forget to bring your authentic proof of achievement, experience or anything.

If you have any authentic proof of your experience, achievement please bring it for interview because it makes a sound impact on the mind of your interviewer. Suppose if you are appeared for the job of writer and in past your some of the work published so never forget to bring the copy of that particular newspaper or magazine along with you.

6. Prepare questions about the company.

Many interviewer provides opportunities to aspirant candidate to ask questions about the company. So, utilize this opportunities wisely and ask some genuine questions about the company like what is the corporate ladder or chances of growth and development. It shows you are keen interested to get the job and would like to work for longer period of time.

7. Know the competitors of the company.

By studying it you can assume in which environment you are going to work, whether you are going to work in fierce competitive world or world with less competition.

So, these are the some important points which one should remember while attending the interview.Dear friends, this is not the complete list but at least it serves the purpose.If you have other points in mind please let me know and please don’t forget to post your comments.

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