Tips for finding work you love is must read for all, specifically, those who are  dissatisfied with their current work, job, profession or vocation. Read these tips and find new direction.

Throughout our life we come across not one but thousands of people who does not like what they are doing. From their face expression, from their body languages, from their way of work, from their way of interaction, from their every single behavior no matter how small or big it is, we can easily found that the person does not like what he/she is doing.

Why it happens?

There are many reasons but some of the obvious reason may be, First, from childhood choice of the career imposed by the parents and in adult life it became quite difficult to switch on any other profile, so, except lifting the burden of it no alternative or option remains available, so, people continuously do it. Second, many a times despite of reaching up to the mature age person may not be able to decide what actually he/she likes to do, so they are in constant dilemma or in move from one job to another job, or one business to another business. Third, person is quite clear in mind but there are some constraints which stops them to take the plunge, like fear of failure, nature of profession, resistance from family, financial calculations, lack of opportunity in the desired field are some of the reasons which compel the person to remain in non favorite job or profession.

Why it is important to find out the work you like or job you like to do?

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.”–  Steve Jobs in his  2005 Stanford commencement address.


If you are one of the person who are in constant quest of finding your true calling, here, we have brainstorm few ideas which may ignite your passion, suggest you the way, show you the path towards your true calling. 


Many a times we even don’t know from where our career began. During college internship you associated with one organization, you did your project and there  you employed, your career began. During summer project, to kill the time, to earn the pocket money, to earn the experience you accepted some low paying job and later on you stuck with it, your career began. After completing your education, your financial condition was not up to the mark and your chosen field was no more able to provide you bread and butter, so, for sustaining life, for maintaining your livelihood, for fulfilling your basic necessity, you were suppose to earn some money and you accepted that job and later, life never allowed you to left the job and still after years and decades still you are doing the same job with upset mind.

Yes, we may be one of them, because, to do what you like to do is completely theoretical terms and it happens in dream world or in movie or in book, but in reality when you have to pay monthly bill on regular bases, to change the steady source of income is daunting task.

So, confusion or lack of clarity is quite obvious.


Once you are quite clear that your current profession or job is not giving you the pleasure, start to search what else attracts you? If given a choice to select your career which career you would choose? Suppose, if you have million $ in bank account and you are at your liberty to do whatever you like to do what would you do? So, at least, it will give you some of the ideas towards your passion, towards your natural inclination of mind, towards your real or true calling. Though, this stage is not completely reliable but somehow your feeling, your natural hunch will give you some direction or at least it will show you some path.


After your initial search you found some interesting ideas, which really exited you, which created some thrill inside you and in extreme case you became completely emotional about it, So, now, heart has completed its work and let the head to do rest of the work. I mean, now, start to check the viability or feasibility of the idea. Suppose currently you are working in any organization as a investment banker but your observation and analysis says writing is one area which attracts you, which  you are somewhat passionate about it. So, dig down that idea furthermore.

Consciously start something in that direction at your perfect leisure or spare time. At least for few days spare some time for writing, and during that stage observe yourself closely, whether you like to write, whether it gives you joy or satisfaction, whether that time of the day when you are writing became most enjoyable or most boring period . From all of these, you will have some initial clue that the direction in which you are going is satisfied you or not. And if idea excites you, good news and if not, leave it there and come back to pavilion.


Now, you have some vague picture in your mind about what you like to do. Suppose writing is your passion or it is the activity which you would  like to do. Start to do something serious in this regard. First of all, start to read as much as possible it will make you familiar with various writing style like humor, serious, witty & sarcastic etc. Second- after sometime start to write something about what you have read in your own manner or your own word. After some writing you will come to know which area is troublesome for you, like grammar, spelling, sentence fragments etc. Start to improvise in that area and work on it.


Once found the passion or work you would like to do or job you would love to do, next step should be, gradual movement in that direction. Fortunately, we are living in one of the most wonderful era of human race. Because, opportunities are available everywhere, learning resources are freely available, platforms are available where you can share your ideas, troubles with fellow human being and help will be available to you at a single click of mouse. So, in whichever direction you wants to proceed, gradually, move in that direction and find out the way by which you earn money from it. Initially, the amount of money or flow of the money will not be as per your expectation and it may not be your major source of income but at least it will give you some rough estimate or idea about your future income.


As we all know, practice makes man perfect, so, constantly try to improve your skill, learn new tricks about your profession, find out the tips which enhance your skill, learn from other successful person of your profession, mingle and meet with like minded person, find out mentor who can help you in this direction, participate in various seminars, lectures, open forum of your profession and constantly explore new ideas by which you can be one step ahead with rest of the herd.

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