Interested to perform better? Interested to maximize your chances of hired not fired. Read 20 ways to fail a job interview & avoid all common committed mistakes. 


Are You really interested to create negative impression at a job interview?
Are you really interested to minimize your hiring chances before real hiring?
Are you really interested to maximize your firing chances before hiring?
Are you really interested too be fired before hired? Are you really interested to fail at a job interview?
Are you really not interested to get the job?

Yes, with great expectations you have applied for the job, Now you are waiting for the interview call, at last, you received that magic call or magic mail which clearly mention that your application has been shortlisted and you are invited for attending interview on so and so date.

And at last that day or time has arrived, now you are heading for the interview.
You have attended the interview and now you are waiting for call letter or formal joining proposal from employer.
Hours turns in days and days turns in weeks, still no reply, response or any kind of  feedback from employer.
At last, you realized that you are not at all selected, the job has been already offered to some other candidate but not to you.


You might have committed one of the common error or mistake committed by thousands of  candidate throughout the world.

Let us see,

What are these  common mistakes or errors and how it affects our chances ?

1. Being late for the interview : Show the interviewer clearly you don’t care about their time,schedule or manners.

2. Chatting up the reception staff at arrival : Start to chat with receptionist, giggle,laugh,ask the thousands inappropriate questions.

3. Putting your hands in pocket : Show the interviewer that you are not here for interview but you are here for audition of  fashion show.

4. Looking disinterested : During the interview look here & there, out of the window or in some unusual places in stead of interviewer.

5. Looking like you are making up the numbers : Try to finish the interview as early as possible so you can count it as a your one more attempt.

6. Frequent phone calls,taxing message, chatting with friends while attending interview : Do not bother about what interviewer asking you remain busy with your smart phone.

7.  Maximum usage of perfume : Use strong perfume & scents so everybody from the interview panel get irritated and finish your interview as  early as possible.

8. Snooze, sleep, yawn during the time of interview : Let the show run,but do not forget to have a short nap during the interview.

9. Touching & Itch some part of the body frequently : Do not bother about the presence of others in interview room, do your own stuff without any hesitation or interruption.

10. Look at your wrist watch often : Show clearly to the interviewer that you are most busiest person in this room and getting late, so finish the interview as early as possible.

11. Poor siting gesture : Sit quiet awkwardly or in absolute unusual manner, change your siting position frequently.

12. Strange,Unusual & Boredom face expression during interview : Through out the interview change your face expression from funny,crying,laughing,& all the strange expression you know well.

13. Come unprepared : Why should I prepare, let me go unprepared at last what will happen? no matter.

14. Use canned response : For each question use this methodology.

15. Become too personal : Every now & then put hand on their hand,shake the hand, touch their hand.

16. Bad mouth about your previous employer : Use all the abusive word & language which you know about your previous employer.

17. Talking too much : Whatever they asked answer it lengthy. Use all the irrelevant matter to clarify your point and make the conversation as lengthy as possible.

18. Talking too less : Whatever they asked answer it in a yes or no. If possible nod the head for yes or no,and finish the answer. Give them hardest or toughest time of their life to utter a single word from you.

19. Be overconfident : From your every gesture,body language, movements and expression show them you are the most smart,shrewd & confident person in the room who is facing the most dumb people on earth.

20.Chew Gum : Sure way to express clearly ‘I don’t care’


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