Four reasons because of which Cardano can reach upto $10 in upcoming years!

Few weeks ago, the price of Cardano went above $1 which had thrilled crypto lovers. This was quite a good achievement for a developing project which is still under development stage. As there is an expectation of Cardano to reach $10 by 2018/19, there is still a chance for you to invest in Cardano if you have not invested in it so far.  In the coming year, Cardano (ADA) might reach an estimation of as high as $10.

The reasons behind this can be listed as under:


The first and foremost feature that will push Cardano in future is security. Cardano is using a modern and latest proof-of-stake algorithm called Ouroboros.

There is accord among the developer group that this algorithm can effectively safeguard against blockchain attacks or such attempts which makes it more secure than Ethereum.

Imagine, once the correction is over, how worth the cardano would be, which is a lot better in technology and security than Ethereum! Valuing it at $10 might also proven as underestimating its worth.

Cardano (ADA) will have a debit card upon project completion

Have you ever imagined of having a crypto-currency that can be used for your daily purchases with a debit card? This proves to be an achievement for a new coin and this is what is in the channel with the Cardano project. Presently, the developer team is working on to introduce a debit card. As Cardano gives the real usability of the coin, it becomes one of the most practical coins. Only on this basis Cardano will strike above $10.

The programming language

Viruses can be considered fatal for cryptocurrency investors, but here they are the part of the crypto network. However, Cardano is such a coin that is bug proof. Here the question arises why Cardano is the only one in this market? The reason that makes Cardano unique is because it’s written in the Haskell language.This language is mathematical that sanctions for safe code which is virus free.

This virus free nature of Cardano makes it superior above all the other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum. With a backing of very strong technology, no one can stop Cardano from reaching great heights.

It has a working wallet

A very innovative idea on which the Cardano developer team has been working since long is that to provide functional wallets, which will expose investors from hackers. No token in the market has such a feature. The Cardano wallet is very easy to use and also very safe.

What you have to do is to buy Cardano on any of the exchanges, then for safe storage send it to the Daedalus (Cardano wallet). This special feature of ADA will lead it to a very heavy price rise around $10 and even more than that. In few years this coin has potential to bring revolution in the crypto market.

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