The lawsuit of $10 billion on the so called creator of Bitcoin – Craig Wright, for allegedly stealing crypto worth $10 billion.

Craig Wright who claimed in the year 2016 to be Satoshi Nakamoto – the developer of Bitcoin has been sued. He is the chief scientist of a blockchain company called as nChain and resides in London.

In the year 2003, Craig Wright met Dave Kleiman through an online forum and they connected over their mutual interest in cryptography. They are certainly involved in the Bitcoins since its creation but it is still not confirmed whether both or any of them has played a role in the creation of Bitcoins.

Let us look at their History :

Dave Kleiman was wheel chair bound after his accident in the year 1995. He and Craig Wright founded a Florida based firm in the year 2011, called as W&K Info Defence Research LLC, which worked for software development and research as well as Bitcoin mining. The share held by Dave Kleiman is said to be between 50 – 100%.

Also, around $5 billion worth of Bitcoin and IP rights is said to be owned by him.

But, after his unfortunate death in the year 2013, Craig Wright has been sued by Ira – brother of Dave Kleiman representing Kleiman Estate on his behalf – over an alleged scheme to steal the cryptocurrencies owned by Dave worth $5 billion.

The present Lawsuit :

The lawsuit that was filed earlier this month with the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida is represented by Velvel Freedman and Kyle Roche of law firm Boies Schiller Flexner LLP. The lawsuit claims that Craig Wright created fraudulent contracts and even used a computer – generated signature to claim bitcoins which have been mined by Dave Kleiman.

It has been stated in the lawsuit that both of them together owned and controlled more than 1.1 billion bitcoins. Craig Wright is being sued for $10 billion for creating fraudulent schemes to take 3,00,000 bitcoins owned by Dave Kleiman.

The involvement of Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman in the world of crypto coins was unknown by their families as most of the information were shared through email. But, Craig Wright revealed to Ira, after the death of Dave Kleiman that he had signed his ownership over the bitcoins away in exchange for shares in an Australian Company which was said to be worth millions.

But, after an investigation by Australian Tax Office in the year 2015, the company became bankrupt as Craig Wright fled to London. Hence, comes the filing of the lawsuit. What happens next in this lawsuit will be updated by us. So keep an eye for further details.


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