Some dramatic downfalls have taken place in 2018 so far but the people who invested their hard-earned money into Ethereum and Bitcoins are looking forward to a good future. A market survey states that Ethereum will have a drastic increment in market capitalization in 2018 as compared to Bitcoin.

As per the study reports by the Finder tells us that Ethereum with a 212 percentage surge will be at the top while the Bitcoin will be at 194 percent which is followed by Bitcoin Cash that is expected to have an increase of 123 percent.

According to the forecast, bitcoin will sell one piece at $29533 which looks like a conservative estimate for the people looking at the price between $50000 to $100000. Ethereum is expected to sell each ETH at $2550 so it will be having third highest price tag per token. Bitcoin cash, on the other hand, is expected to sell a piece at $2721

The participants of the survey were harsh on Ethereum because this currency depends upon the underlying blockchain network, as said by the Block China morning post. But after considering this fact Ethereum is still a blockchain of choice for any new startup to launch an Initial Coin Offering, this is not going to change any moment too soon.

The stability concerns of Ethereum and Bitcoins are mentioned. The Co-founder and Chief Strategy officer of CryptAM, Kevin Loo said to South China Morning Post:

As an example, in November 2017, the ethereum network saw a new craze for CryptoKitties, a virtual kitten game which lets players buy and breed ‘crypto-pets’. This slows the network down and highlighted one of the challenges facing older blockchains – a lack of scalability.

Ethereum will certainly face more competition from EOS and NEO and others. But still, it has become a huge brand in the Cryptocurrency. But Bitcoin is still dominating the Cryptocurrency market and it’s not going to change pretty soon.


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